World of Warcraft Gold Making Guides

World of Warcraft Gold Making Guides

Looking for a good World of Warcraft gold making guide?  Looking for free World of Warcraft gold making guides?  Well you’ve come to the right place!  Number one, never pay for gold making guides.  There are plenty of World of Warcraft sites on the web that give good, solid methods of how to make gold in game.

My name is Khor, and I am a Ret Pally.  Every single game I have played, I have gone by the name “Khor”.  I am as real a person as you can get, and all my guides are legit and 100% from me.  I experiment with gold making techniques, and I post about them here.  While some ideas may be similar to others, I guarantee you I am writing my own original gold making methods.

I realize this is a Retribution Paladin focused site, but I also try to appeal to the casual World of Warcrafty gamer as well, because after all, that is what I am above all else.  It is my gameplay style.

As I figure more gold making methods out, I will post them here.  Some of these will eventually outdate, and the numbers may not add up to when they were origianlly posted…but the method is still valid and legit.  Adapt my methods and customize them to your World of Warcraft gameplay style!





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