Grinding Gold – Netherstorm and Herbalism

Ready for another herbalism gold guide?  Well, ready or not, I’m bringing you another.  I am rounding out my Outland herbalism farming with Netherstorm, because it is the last zone with a unique, high priced herb.  Nagrand, Zangarmarsh, and Blade’s Edge Mountains simply don’t yield enough gold for the time spent farming there.

Netherstorm is the habitat for Netherbloom, which yields Motes of Mana, unique from any other Outland herb, all of which yield Motes of Life.  Motes of Mana turn into Primal Mana, which can still go for over 20g per in the auction house!

Not only will I be hunting Netherbloom, but I will also be hoping for Mote of Mana drops as well!  To read up on my other herbing ventures, check out: Hellfire Peninsula, Terokkar, and Shadowmoon Valley.

Herbs found in Netherstorm

  • Netherbloom
  • Dreaming Glory
  • Felweed
  • Golden Sansam
  • Liferoot
  • Primal Mana
  • Mote of Mana
  • Primal Life
  • Mote of Life
  • Fel Lotus

olden Sansam, Felweed, and Liferoot can all be found in the bio-domes scattered across Netherstorm.  Netherbloom and Dreaming Glory can be found everywhere else, amidst the rocky terrain.

I made a 30 minute trip around Netherstorm ,which barely enabled me to search every “island”.  I finished my complete circuit with literally 30 seconds to spare.  To get my gold per hour result, I multiplied my 30 minute total by 2.

In 30 minutes of flying, I gathered the following herbs, with their current individual price tags as well:

  • 44x Netherbloom – 3g
  • 26x Dreaming Glory – 50s
  • 1x Felweed – 60s
  • 1x Primal Mana – 21g
  • 3x Mote of Mana – 1.5g
  • 3x Mote of Life – 50s
  • 3x Golden Sansam – 2.5g
  • 1x Liferoot – 1g
  • 1x Fel Lotus – 75s

The total for my 30 minute run was: 132g + 13g + .60g + 21g + 4.5g + 1.5g + .75g + 7.5g + 1g = 181.85g or 182g per 30 minutes.

So, for my gold/hour total, 182g x 2 = 364g per hour. This isn’t a great total, and the Mote of Mana drops didn’t compensate for the lack of herbs besides Netherbloom.  There are definitely much better methods of making gold, but 364g/hour isn’t something to laugh at either.  My best suggestion would be to use this method as a back-up, in case other areas you normally go to are being heavily farmed.

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