Best Retribution Paladin Cloaks – Pre-Raid

Retribution Paladin Cloaks is current for Patch 4.0.6.  This is a list of the best Retribution Paladin cloaks, or back slot items, available pre-raiding.  I am fairly comfortable with the priorities here, back items seem to be fairly in order.

This is a best in slot list (BiS) for cloaks for Ret Paladins, and stat priorities may shift the rankings at a future date.

Best Retribution Paladin Cloaks Pre-Raid

  1. [Floating Web]
  2. [Drape of Inimitable Fate]
  3. [Geordan’s Cloak] (H)
  4. [Skin of Stone] (H)
  5. [Eagle Ray Cloak] (H)
  6. [Shadow of the Past] (H)
  7. [Burned Gatherings] (H)
  8. [Cloak of the Red Flight]
  9. [Geordan’s Cloak] (N)
  10. [Shroud of the Dead]


  1. Scott says:

    The epic cloak that you get from exalted with Hyjal, it has the epics stats of the two top ones there. If you reforge to hit, or whatever you need, do you think it should be on this list somewhere? I found it to give me more dps, at least in stats, then the cloak of the red flight.

  2. Khor says:

    It does have the same primary stats, but leaving any amount of dodge on that cloak hits us pretty hard.

    Reforging for any stat would only place that cloak just slightly above Shroud of the Dead 🙁

  3. Scott says:

    Alright, I will wear my cloak of red flight then.

  4. Raidrx says:

    Just wanted to ask what your reasoning for saying the Hyjal cloak would only be slightly better than shroud of the dead is.

    Comparing it to Geordan’s Cloak, if you reforge the dodge to hit, you’d be losing 48 hit and 120 crit, but gaining 22 Str and 127 mastery. To be fair, lets say you reforge the hit on Geo’s to mastery as well. Then you’re looking at a loss of 20 hit and 120 crit, with a gain of 22 Str and 99 Mastery. I’m about 50 over the hit cap as is, so that 20-48 hit would do nothing for me. Is the 120 crit really more beneficial than 22 Str and 99 mastery? From the Stat weights for ret, I would wager that you’d be better off with the Str/Mastery.

  5. Thoiran says:

    I might be making a huge error here, but is the Mantle of Fury (acquired from the ‘Elemental Bonds: The Vow’ quest) better than any of the cloaks on this list? It has 201 strength, 301 stamina, 134 critical strike and 134 haste, making it better even despite the fact haste is not a strong stat?

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