Gold Grinding – Terokkar Forest and Herbalism

After making my way from herbalism gold grinding in Hellfire Peninsula to Terokkar Forest, I decided to give the home of Shattrath a shot at gold making as well.  Back in Burning Crusade, Terokkar was the premiere place for herbalism, as Terocone was the jewel of herbs for that expansion.  It was a huge gold earner, and almost always farmed out, no matter what time of the day you tried.

Well, fast forward two years, and Terokkar is all but deserted.  Shattrath only carries whispers of the former hustle and bustle it carried for so long, leaving it free for level 80 players to pick its treasures unobstructed and traffic free.

I went in for another 30 minute interval, with the plan to multiply my earnings by 2, which would give me a gold per hour total.  I was the only person herbing for the duration I was there, and I was also curious to see how well Terocone does now.

Herbs Found in Terokkar Forest

  • Terocone
  • Felweed
  • Dreaming Glory
  • Fel Lotus
  • Primal Life
  • Mote of Life

Terocone is always found at the base of tree trunks, and Dreaming Glory is high on cliffs, mountains, and hills.  Felweed is everywhere in between, but Terocone is the predominant herb here.

TIP: Stay in the forested areas, away from Auchindoun.  If you find yourself flying over gray ash and sand, head back to the forested areas.  This is where the Terocone is, and to make any decent gold, you want to hone in on the Terocone.

In 30 minutes of flying, I gathered the following herbs, with their current individual price tags as well:

  • 71x Terocone – 2g
  • 35x Felweed – 60s
  • 36x Dreaming Glory – 50s
  • 2x Fel Lotus – 75s
  • 1x Primal Life – 6g
  • 7x Mote of Life – 50s

That’s a rough total of: 142g + 21g + 18g + 1.5g + 5g + 3.5g = 192g

When I take my 192g for 30 minutes and multiply it by 2, I get a total of 384g per hour!  Not too bad for one zone.  There were no Terocone in the AH, so I up-charged a bit.  It is possible I may need to lower the price if they don’t sell, but I am crossing my fingers. Alchemists and Inscriptionists still need these for leveling and making certain items.

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