Gold Grinding – Hellfire Peninsula and Herbalism

Wrath of the Lich King is winding down.  Signs are abundant wherever you go.  AH prices are falling on WotLK trade goods and gear, ICC is slowly losing its charm, and players are taking extended afk breaks, especially now that summer in.  It’s the perfect time to re-visit old content, because those goods are still in high demand.

I decided to take a spin on one of my Paladins who has herbalism, and visit Hellfire Peninsula…a trove of valuable herbs.  Hellfire has always been a solid gold making zone for me, mainly because it has both vanilla WoW herbs and BC herbs.

Another positive is that this zone was not farmed at all, and I had all the herbs to myself.  Older BC zones tend to be pretty vacant, so taking advantage of this is always high on my priority list.

I took my Paladin on a 30 minute trip of herbing the zone, and multiplied my results by 2, giving me a gold per hour result.  With gold making as a very viable gameplay option at the moment, I’ll take you through this small venture.

Herbs found in Hellfire Peninsula

  • Felweed
  • Dreaming Glory
  • Mountain Silversage
  • Dreamfoil
  • Golden Sansam
  • Fel Lotus
  • Primal Life
  • Mote of Life

Mountain Silversage and Dreaming Glory can both be found high on cliffs , hills, and mountains, with all the others falling in the flatter areas of the zone.

The route I took was on my epic flying mount, with Crusader Aura active.  I went clockwise around the perimeter of the zone, continuously moving towards the middle, and back out for the entire circumference of the zone.  Every area of Hellfire is fair game, except for the area east of the Outlands portal.  No herbs back there.

In 30 minutes of flying, I gathered the following herbs, with their current individual price tags as well:

  • 52x Felweed – 60s
  • 21x Golden Sansam – 2.5g
  • 20x Dreamfoil – 2g
  • 13x Dreaming Glory – 50s
  • 19x Mountain Silversage – 3g
  • 3x Fel Lotus – 75s
  • 1x Primal Life – 6g
  • 3x Mote of Life – 50s

Some quick math gives me these totals: 31.2g + 52.5g + 40g + 6.5g + 57g + 2.25g + 6g + 1.5g = 196.95g or 197g roughly.

Now, take 197g (30 min) x 2 = 394g per hour

So, if I was to keep grinding away in Hellfire Peninsula, I could realistically aim for about 400g per hour!  Not too bad.  The vanilla WoW herbs are in higher demand than the BC herbs, and this is the only zone that lets us fly to gather them!  Well, Golden Sansam and Blindweed can be found in Zangarmarsh…but meh.

Is this worth the time?  Sure, 400g per hour isn’t bad at all.  Just be careful not to flood the AH market!


  1. Amel (Wyrmrest Accord) says:

    HEy Khor, do you think you could do one on mining maybe?

  2. Khor says:

    Hey Amel, check my Gold Guides for a couple mining strats. I have more planned, just haven’t crunched them out yet 🙂


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