Grinding Gold – Shadowmoon Valley and Herbalism

Herbalism and grinding gold yet again.  Looking to farm your way to some easy money?  Look no further than the Outland zones, which are all but abandoned.  Profession levelers still need these mats, and they are hard to come by, as few still venture to pluck these treasures from the ground.

After farming herbs in Hellfire and Terokkar, I decided to try my hand at Shadowmoon Valley, which I know yields some decent herbs.  Once again, I was the only one farming herbs in the area, so I had everything to myself.

The layout of SMV is easy enough, but finding the herbs can be a bit tricky if you don’t know where to look.  Lucky enough, I remembered my old herbing routes from a couple years ago, and they are still very much intact.  For those that don’t know, I found it easiest to herb by quadrants, moving towards the perimeter of the zone, and back in as I went clockwise around SMV.

Herbs Found in Shadowmoon Valley

  • Nightmare Vine
  • Felweed
  • Dreaming Glory
  • Terocone
  • Fel Lotus
  • Primal Life
  • Mote of Life

Terocone tends to be in the Skettis areas, right at the base of tree trunks.  Dreaming Glory are on the higher elevations, with Nightmare Vine and Felweed scattered throughout the rest of the zone.  A key aspect of grinding here for gold is to not forget the Terocone.  Not only are they in the Skettis camps (one by Ally base, one by Horde base), but there are also two herb spawns at the west entrance of the zone, bordering on Terokkar.

I did a 30 minute run, and multiplied my total by 2, yielding me a gold per hour result.

In 30 minutes of flying, I gathered the following herbs, with their current individual price tags as well:

  • 50x Nightmare Vine – 3g
  • 44x Felweed – 60s
  • 16x Terocone – 2g
  • 14x Dreaming Glory – 50s
  • Mote of Life – 50s
  • Fel Lotus – 75s

Quick math gives me: 150g + 26.40g + 32g + 7g + 2.5g + 1.5g = 219.4g or 220g per 30 minutes.

For my total gold per hour, a take my 220g x 2 = 440g per hour!  Not bad, not bad!  Now, I must add a little disclaimer saying that Nightmare Vine tend to fluctuate in price very heavily, and it all depends on what the market is like.  When I posted my Nightmare Vine, there were literally none in the AH, so I charged 3g per.  If I get swamped with competitors, then I may drop them to 2.5g per…which would lower my gold per hour to around 400g or so.

Regardless, this is still an excellent source of gold farming.


  1. Bart says:

    lol, morning glory or dreaming glory? : P

  2. Khor says:

    Ugh Dreaming Glory! Thank you! Can you tell I’ve been planting flowers?

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