Ret Paladins – Best Weapons

ret-paladin-4The best weapons for Ret Paladins vary depending on gear and combat situations.  There is some varying degree of argument regarding Bryntroll and other weapons, but for the most part, this vanilla list can help you get an idea of what is available to Retribution Paladins in ICC.

This list comes from Elitist Jerks, the orignal thread can be found [HERE].  Current for Patch 3.3.2.

  1. [Shadowmourne]
  2. [Oathbinder, Charge of the Ranger-General]
  3. [Glorenzelg, High-Blade of the Silver Hand]
  4. [Bryntroll, the Bone Arbiter]
  5. [Bloodfall]
  6. [Warmace of Menethil]
  7. [Cryptmaker]
  8. [Oathbinder, Charge of the Ranger-General]
  9. [Shadow’s Edge]
  10. [Glorenzelg, High-Blade of the Silver Hand]
  11. [Bryntroll, the Bone Arbiter]
  12. [Bloodfall]


  1. OK this is good to know. I recently noticed a DPS decrease from the [Bryntroll, the Bone Arbiter]. I’m so sadden by the nerf….arr you dam warriors for complaining. Do you happen to know why and how much of increase in DPS the Shadows Edge is over the Bryntroll? According to Rawr Shadows Edge doesn’t even come up. And the new weapons from The Lich King don’t pop up too.

  2. incrusiable says:

    thats because you prolly dont have most recent but anyway i thought were supposed to go str str str why is it agility is higher then str weapons?

  3. Taddeous (Kalecgos) says:

    Rawr still has bugs to it and is not reliable at this time.

  4. Khor says:

    Yes, the ret dps areas of Rawr have not been consistent. I heard awhile back the guy that did the ret stuff for Rawr quit, and they still have yet to find a suitable replacement.

  5. Dikastis says:

    Hello there…

    First of all i would like to congratulate you for the great site work and info that you provide us.

    If you have time pls check my armory page and tell me what i am doing wrong and my dps cant go over 7.5 in Icc 25. 5.5-6.5k to others 25 raids.

    Thank you in advanced

  6. Beanyb says:


  7. mancath says:

    Dikastis – drop the hit trinket, get greatness +90str darkmoon card, and finish the 4 piece t10. malevolent girdle shouldve been your t10 glove purchase. also the rest of your t10 set shouldve been bought before the libram and the cloak.

  8. Revvy says:

    Quel’Delar, Might of the Faithful not a good ret weapon?

  9. Telth says:

    So where does oxheart fall in all of this?

  10. Retpala says:

    Well, i just wanna say this BIS list of weapons is mainly wrong. Bryn’troll Heroic is no where near as good as Bloodfall Heroic. The main reason is that Yes they both have the same damage and speed, yet bloodfalls stats compliment a ret more than some crap axe that procs nothing good. Bloodfall Heroic gives haste + a ton of crit which is better than chance on hit weapon. Your other guides BIS gear list are good, but this is just retarded

  11. Matt says:

    I honestly don’t know a whole lot about paladins, but one thing i thought i was sure of is that they don’t care for armor pen, so how come oathbinder is ahead of gorenzelg on the bis list? im not critisizing i actually dont know why xD

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