Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I hope all of you have a safe and great holiday.  Eat as much Turkey as you can, watch some football, and maybe even enjoy a little WoW at the end of the day!

Yours truly is taking the day off from WoW, so the Rets can run free today!  I have many more posts almost finished for you guys, and you will probably start seeing the first of them tomorrow.

I will leave you today with a question, and I would like some feedback.  I have noticed several comments and emails directly related to stats at level 80, as if there will still be some mad rush in regards to raiding before Cataclysm arrives.

I was under the impression raiding had been grounded to a halt, or maybe a very slow trot…but some guilds it seems, are still hitting raids hardcore.

With the exception of my talents page (which is half done), all the general Ret info should be current (hit cap, stats, rotations, etc.).  So if you need help on those topics, be sure to hit those pages first.

For those that are still raiding, I’d love to hear how often you are running, what you are trying to take down, and why so close to Cata?

Everyone be very safe!  Don’t WRECK your holiday with too much of the Dwarven Stout!  Happy Thanksgiving!



  1. Rynarok says:

    First, Happy Thanksgiving Khor.

    My guild has slowed on raiding, but we are still filling a 10man roster for some of the achievements that we haven’t gotten around to yet, such as Alagon/Ulduar hardmodes, mopping up 10ToGC, or finishing all of the hardmodes within ICC.

    It seems that this is pretty common amongst the raiding crowd (on our server, at least)…I’m sure that the vast majority of us will be taking the last week off (maybe) but it never hurts to be in top form at all times, if you can afford the gems/enchants. Knowing your rotation/class mechanics is essential at all times, incoming patch or not.

    Plus, You never know when you need to beat down an alliance that is farmin’ a titanium node!

    Rynarok – Stormreaver

  2. lordmogg says:

    my guild is still running ICC x 10. It is more an achievement and getting better gear score thing. nothing more.

    im not doing any myself. mainly because I get the odd 10 mins here and there on wow at the moment but also unless I get the perfect drop its fairly pointless.

    I am looking forward to the new questing and seeing all the new drops. there are many new achievements also ad I will look forward to trying them all.

  3. Shogan says:

    Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your day off :p

    Currently we are raiding 4 days a week with the aim of getting Dawn of Light (LK 25man HM) before Cata arrives, won’t be realm 1st but the aim is for No2 🙂
    IMO if we do not complete it before Cata hits it will be like running Naxx in ICC gear, far too easy and in no way the accomplishment it would have been while it is/was still current content.

  4. Azurarose says:

    Khor, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Looking forward to having your site as we all make the journey in to Cata.

  5. Fulgora says:

    Some friends and I raid ICC 10 once a week, since we are new 80s and have no reason to go into ICC on our mains. (Though I think my paladin is now my main, will definately be my first 85!) We like raiding, it is social. We are not “hardcore” though, in fact I am not even bothing to worry about the meta gem issue. Re-gem? Are you nuts? GREEN QUALITY TRAINABLE GEMS will be superior to WotLK epics and we got less than two weeks to go. (Yet I still sell a LOT of epic gems everyday for 150 – 275 gold a pop depending on the cut.)

  6. Ana says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, my Khor-bella. Hope you and the family have a wonderful and stress free turkey day.

  7. Exornn says:

    Cheers mate, same to you and you’re family.
    You did a GREAT job this year! Cya next year!

  8. Daniel says:

    Happy thanksgiving for ya too, Khor! 😀
    and keep going with your blog!!!

  9. Ryan says:

    Trying to down Lich King, mainly because…why shouldn’t raid 80 content at 80? WotLK might be over, but it’s like zombieland….DOUBLETAB. (killing em twice doesn’t hurt. :P)

  10. Ryan says:

    Doubletap* fail.

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