Retribution Paladins New Web Layout

Just wanted to let everyone know I am testing a new website layout (obviously). While this is a bit different than my old format, I am trying to make information easier to sort through, as well as not have such a long (tall) home page.

There are still a few tweaks to hammer out, so rest assured I am still working on everything. For now, if you cannot find a post, or certain pieces of information, please use the search option I have made available on the homepage.

I am working on implementing the pre-raid gear lists back into the homepage at the moment…just trying to find the right format.

Thanks for your patience as I try to “polish” the site further. (Stealing the Blizz word).

PS Praying for more Patch 4.1 information. If we don’t get more soon, looks like I am heading into revisiting old content!