New Guild, New Name

After five great years with my guild, I finally came to the realization that I just wasn’t seeing eye to eye with our raiding atmosphere any longer.  I put two strong months of Cataclysm raiding in as a Holy Paladin, though I never got to set foot in a raid instance as Retribution.  For a guy running a Retribution Paladin website, that makes things a little tough!

Now, I’m not going to go into the details of why I eventually left, because that’s between me and a few people in the know.  Ultimately, I decided that I needed a new start, and joined a guild formed by an ex-guildie, also a Retribution Paladin (when he can).  So, from now on, Khor on Shadowsong has changed to Khyp on Zul’Jin. 

Sadly, Khor and Khore were already taken, and I like to keep my main toon’s name short.  So, paying homage to Kyp Durron from the extended Star Wars universe, Khyp the Ret Paladin is now roaming the wilds of Zul’Jin.  Those of you who look at my armory now know where to find me.

Parting Ways is Hard

There were several players in my old guild that I hated to leave, in fact it tore me up that I wouldn’t be able to run with them again.  And because online friendships turn into real friendships, leaving them short a much needed healer really made me feel really bad about leaving.  But in this game, with burnout so rampant when gameplay turns stale, you have to start looking out for what will keep you in-game and happy.

So, to my former guild, I love you guys, and RCC will always be my first WoW home.  But time passes, players and guilds change, and I find myself refreshed and starting anew with CoF on Zul’Jin.  Best wishes and good luck to everyone!

Similar Experiences?

Any of you out there had similar experiences?  One of my reasons was being in a casual hardcore guild that leaned more towards the casual side.  I realized my own playstyle was a bit more hardcore than that.  When you don’t share similar philosophies with others you run with, it can lead to a certain disconnect.

For what reasons have you guys made similar decisions?


  1. uniwolf04 says:

    Hi Khyp,

    I must say it is a relief that you’re still around. I went to check your armory yesterday (to see where my upgrades should be heading) and was stunned not to find Khor. I am glad you are still here and will be dispensing your invaluable advice in the future.

    My guild experience has been limited so far. The guild I first joined as a noob lost its GM shortly after and the only player I’d really run with while leveling left, so I joined their new guild. Alas it has a total of 3 players in it and I feel I’m missing out on some possible experiences (Raiding etc) because of it. I’d like to find a casual raiding guild but haven’t taken the steps yet. Someday *Sigh*


  2. Alex says:

    I feel your pain Khor, I had to leave my guild that I had been running with for years because they wouldn’t let me run as a Retribution Paladin. I changed server and I’m currently on Zul’Jin also everything was going great in the beginning but I’m a full-time healer now again…

    Why all the hate on Ret pallies!!!

    From a fellow retribution paladin on Zul’Jin
    – Chevalière

  3. Geddyn says:

    I’ve been in and left quite a few guilds, mostly because of scheduling changes or disagreements about the direction of the core raid group.

    I server transferred to join my current guild and I don’t regret it at all. Not only are they extremely understanding in regards to my schedule, but they’re flat out disappointed when I can’t show up because they want their “awesome” Retribution Paladin there for progression content. 🙂 The fact that I consistently place first or second on certain boss fights, such as Magmaw and Halfus, helps bolster their positive view on the Retribution spec and I give them the added flexibility of being able to main tank Chimaeron (in my Retribution spec and gear, of course), so that we can have one of the tanks switch to DPS to make the fight shorter.

  4. blooday says:

    i am in a raid now called Validus, i have had a great time with them as a holy pally in dungeons but i want to go on raids. they wont let me they say that the guild its self isn’t ready for 25 mans and there is no way to be in 10 mans i thought about leaving and going with a buddie that actually introduced me to ur site but i have so many friends in the guild….should i wait to leave or not

  5. Raedos says:

    I dont think its the hate on the ret pallys, its probably that holy pallys are so fricken awesome with some people lol. When it comes down to it I think if you want to run raids as Ret do not tell them that you can tank or heal, because if you prove good in those positions most of the time your probably gonna be stuck in that position. Just from my own experiences, I can pull better dps than anyone in my raids, yet Im the best healer so I cant go dps because no other healer can fill my shoes basically.

  6. incrusiable says:

    First off sorry for the long ass post…….. just alot crap been happening on this subject over the coarse of this past year lol if you wanna know the history read but its not alot.

    Wow…… very interesting i too (just about 3 weeks ago) quit my guild that i basically helped become not one of those everyday 2 bit guilds.
    Basically there was a clique of people in the guild and when our recruitment officer left the guild for a all hard modes guild, the new recruitment officer started bringing in people like himself and not necessarily that were good for the guild.

    Time rolled on and the guild started having the burnout blues back in icc and there were many guild meetings in which i and a few others from back in the old group tried very hard to come up with the best ideas and best constructive criticism for our officers as possible.

    so into cata we started raiding again and i was kinda slow getting to 85 and getting into heroics… …was having fun playing League of Legends with a friend of mine from the guild. but once it came time for me to raid (because i farmed out everything possible from heroics first) i asked to raid and signed up on the raid calender didn’t get two go for 3 weeks straight at least half the times people got picked over me that weren’t even signed up for the damn event.

    so i decided it was time for me to move on. This new clique of people was all about what they could do for the other recruitment officer while the old guildies were about what can we do for the guild and when we put so much hard work into it and they would take lesser geared new recruits over us it pissed us off.

    btw some people might have heard of some of them S to the O (has a couple of world gaming records and used to run circuits for certain games) and a few others from my guild they all run and do a wow podcast.

    but im happy wit my new guild im getting along with all my new friends even though i severely miss my old ones there were only 1 or 2 of them left in the guild anyhow. the funniest part of it i wasn’t even trying to get into a better guild just an equally progressed guild and one of my friends leme know about this guild she was in so i apped and now i got the sole ret pally spot for our 25 man core group and we currently have 11/12 while old guild only have 7/12.

    TL;DR old guild pissed me off went to new one and it made me happy 😀

  7. PallyinTransition says:

    Hello Khyp

    I will state that I have lost count of how many guilds I have left or have seen disbanded, etc. Most of the time it is either due to drama or conflicts in philosophy. When playing with other people, I have realized that most are not reliable with respect to raid attendance, guild promises, and guild goals.

    I remember how each guild I have joined say the same thing at first, “Yes, we raid a lot and we have fun and active group.” As soon as you join, you see at the most 5-10 players on at any one time, most don’t say a word, and when they raid, it is half pugs.

    The last guild I left had a complete megalomaniac as a Guild Master/Raid Leader. He was in sole control of all players and it seemed as though if he breathed, everyone must listen. I lasted about one week in the guild before I realized that the GM truly believed he walked on water. The final incident is when he opened up a calendar invite for a BWD depths raid. Over 20 guildies signed up but he chose 10 and left for the raid without saying anything. I heard from one of the players who signed up and was not picked that this was normal. The GM would just pick his choice players and just go. Raiding with him was supposed to be an honor…amazing.

    I just don’t understand guilds anymore. Too many promises, too few realities. Honestly, I wish I could just form a guild with bots. Probably more reliable. But I do agree that when I have left servers and guilds, I do lose good friends that I have made in real life.

  8. Lokisan says:

    Fist comment on here so let me just say thank you! This website has helped me soo much as Ret. I almost stopped playing the role until I found this site.

    With that being said I have recently decided to dual spec for Holy. This was a decision for the good of the guild I’m in as well as for my own expirence.I have never played Holy before and I’m finding it very difficult to get any good info online for Holy. This website has spoiled me with ease of use and excellent info. So question, where would you recommend I start my search for Holy info….I would like to not suck at it lol

  9. Blowwings says:

    hey bro u do what u have to do i was in the same situation and i left my guild and now i am number 2 ret pally in the server pulling 23kplus dps and i was excited because it more fun doing what u love then what other people want u to do and i am in a awesome raid group down 11/12 just need nef down =)

  10. Lokisan says:

    Just found the post all about Holy. You sir are the probably the best thing since sliced bread!

  11. uniwolf04 says:


    Check out the following link for Holy. This combined with Khor’s basic guide should make a good starting point.



  12. Lumpi says:

    I’ve been in the same situation multiple times with different games. I’ve gotten use to it. I can’t play often enough to join a raiding guild and I hate guilds that do nothing. The guild I’m currently in is starting Heroic runs and guild PvP runs which is more to my liking. Good luck with your guild switch Khor, hopefully you find one that suits you.

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