Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Bye bye new website theme.  Thank you to everyone who gave me constructive (and not-so-constructive feedback).  While behind the scenes, the layout did some good things, it also did some not so good things as well.

Every now and then, you will see me trying new things with the website.  Part of this is testing revenue sources, and others are related to traffic and click through rates, such as how easy and/or likely a reader will go to another page on my site before leaving.

Changes also help me test what you guys like and don’t like.  Also, what posts get visited the most, and how popular certain pages are.  There’s a ton of stuff I try out to make it the best experience for my readers.

Hopefully reverting to the original theme will turn some smiling faces back on!

Keep the feedback coming, even if I don’t respond, you sure as hell can bet I am listening!


  1. Whig says:

    Good call, thanks.

  2. Denae says:

    Glad you changed it back =) Thanks.

  3. Shogan says:

    While I am always happy to see you try out new things Khor, that change was definitely one I was glad to see reverted 😛

  4. Geddyn says:

    I found that the biggest problem was add-overload with the way you updated the theme of the main page. While I understand that adds provide you with revenue that allow you to keep the site running, adds should never take up more space than the actual content of the site itself. There were three to four adds the same size as the box linking to your most recent posts, which made it difficult to find what I was looking for. Using a list format like you’re doing with the current main page would probably be a more beneficial layout unless you can find more stuff to add to the main page in order to balance relevant site content with the number of adds displayed.

    As for other things I didn’t like, the two-tone blue/white color scheme was a little off-putting. I like the current color scheme because the black site background contrasts with the white foreground of the actual posts. It helps create a focal point for the content of the site. Additionally, the shades of gray and red/yellow at the top and bottom help to distinguish all of the links nicely. With the blue and white scheme, it became difficult to find the links I was looking for because everything was blue on a white background. Nothing helped me differentiate between areas of the site.

    I hope my feedback helps in your next attempt at updating the site’s theme. 🙂

  5. Khor says:

    @ Geddyn – Yeah, the surplus of ads was actually at the request of a few advertiserswishing to test a few things out. There was a 48 hour window, at which point I had started replacing everything back to the normal content. However, without the posts displyed (like the current set-up), it was definitely less eye appealing. The blue, white, and black theme worked for the header and nav menus…but thats about it. It left the rest of the site lacking appeal.

    Thanks for the input, and I don’t see any further theme revisions any time soon. I am still looking at ways to implement better browsing, but that may come with time.


  6. Ffont says:

    Thanks for changing back. Funnily I came in to ask for a reversion, or at least a change. For me the new layout made it too hard to see what was new on the site.

  7. Arga says:

    Good call indeed Khor! Didn’t want to say it as I understand where all those adds were comming from and the need to change the site accordingly. But is wasn’t very good tbh. It was a bit overwhelming with all these adds. The top bar is great though. Keep the good job up, experiment what you want and need. Hope you’ll find the best balance between revenue and a great appealing site!

  8. Mjau says:

    Not going to lie, but the blue gradients were early 2000’s and didn’t do the site any justice. Was a bit of an eyesore (I design sites for a living :p). I dig this theme, the way it’s ‘flat’, easy to read. The blue was really hard on the eyes. I block ads with Noscript+Adblock Plus so I never saw the ads people are mentioning.

    Going to second everything Geddyn said above. Love the site though! I come here almost every day for my retribution needs.

  9. Ragñarok says:

    I also use AdBlock Plus, but I have it disabled for this site because I want to support Khor and give back any way I can to this great site. Thanks for reverting to the old theme. Cheers.

  10. Porsgrunn says:

    hi, i was just wondering about something… im a holy palla now, and i just saw something interesting. The Arena point (or conquest point or whatever its called) is 365 gear. and the stats are waay better than my 346 gear. sure i may lose some haste or mastery for some resilience, but the stats vere so much better than the stats on my 346 gear.
    do u think its okay to get like 3 – 4 pvp pieces instead of the 346 gear until i get 359 pve gear?


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