Making Gold – Disenchanting

I will probably add more posts because there is so much gold to be had disenchanting, but here is a quick little way I have found to make an extra hundred gold or two. I have been playing with this exact method for about a week, and I’m not really sure why I haven’t done this sooner, as I have used similar methods in the past that have been highly profitable.

This is easy and quick:

  • Do an auction house search for gear level 75 to 80
  • Scroll past the epic and rare gear and get to the green gear
  • Purchase any gear that has a buyout of 10g or less
  • DE the gear

Here is exactly what you can get with the approximate sell value of the DE’d dusts/essences assuming a buyout of exactly 10g:

  • 1x Dream Shard (15g, 5g profit)
  • 2x Greater Cosmic Essence (20g, 10g profit)
  • 1x Greater Cosmic Essence (10g, 0g profit)
  • 5x Infinite Dust (20g, 10g profit)
  • 4x Infinite Dust (16g, 6g profit)
  • 3x Infinite Dust (12g, 2g profit)
  • 2x Infinite Dust (8g, -2g profit)

Now, this is obviously a game of chance, so play at your own risk. Sometimes you get Infinite Dust x2 several DE’s in a row. And sometimes you will get 5x Infinite Dust several times in a row. It’s all a matter of how the dice roll.

Often, I will find about half of what I buy at less than 10g, and sometimes I will even bid on items close to their auction end times that are under 10g as well.

Here is how I fared just last night:

  • 8 items bought
  • 5 bought at 10g
  • 1 bought at 9.5g
  • 1 bought at 9.33g
  • 1 bought for 7.35g

The 5 bought at 10g DE’d into:

  1. 5x Infinite Dust (20g)
  2. 2x Infinite Dust (8g)
  3. 2x Infinite Dust (8g)
  4. 2x Greater Cosmic Essence (20g)
  5. 3x Infinte Dust (12g)

Profit: 68g – 50g = 18g

The other three DE’d into:

  1. 9.5g gear -> 4x Infinite Dust (16g)
  2. 9.33g gear -> 3x Infinite Dust (12g)
  3. 7.35g gear -> 5x Infinte Dust (20g)

Profit: 48g – 26.18g = 21.82g

Total profit for the 8 pieces of gear I bought and DE’d comes out to 39.82g if it all sells. Since I am at work, I’ll have to see when I get home, but I’m fairly positive I’ll have all that gold sitting in my mailbox.

Total time invested: 4 minutes


  1. Thunorian says:

    I feel bad for saying it, but this guide is pretty defunct now. Since the disenchant option was introduced on all loot rolls, we enchanters have been massively seen off. One of the biggest sources of revenue for us has now been opened up to everyone, and prices have soared because people are just choosing to DE loot whilst they emblem farm their alts, and selling for more then we used to charge, and so not only is it no longer an exclusive source of materials to us, but its also made levelling your Enchanting skill, a much longer and more expensive process. Its still possible to make gold doing it, but the number of greens on the AH is greatly reduced, as people are no longer choosing to greed roll and sell, as they know that they can make more from the DE materials.

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