Heroic Instances: The New Gold Machine?

Farming for emblems in the WoW heroic dungeons?  Gearing up your alts?  Knocking out achievements?  How about making tons of gold in 5-man dungeons?  What?  How can you make gold in dungeons?

Let me tell you how I have been making gold in 5-man dungeons.  Usually, when I post gold makiong guides, I go into some pretty specific details.  But this is so simple, I won’t bother with a wall of text.

You have 5 methods of gold making in heroic 5-mans:

  • Emblems of Triumph
  • Enchanting Mats
  • Vendored Loot
  • Frostweave Cloth
  • Misc. Loot

1.  Emblems of Triumph

How the hell are these gold makers, you ask?  By conversion.  Convert your emblems all the way down to Emblems of Heroism and purchase Epic Gems.  You can buy epic red, blue, and yellow gems for 20 emblems each.  Purple, orange, and green gems sell for 10 emblems.  You can either sell them raw or have them cut and put them up on the Auction House.  Ranging from 150g raw to 250g cut, there is huge gold earning potential here, especialyl if you can net 20 to 30 emblems a day or more.

2.  Enchanting Mats

Make the most out of BoE gear disenchanted via the new disenchanting /roll tool.  Straight to the AH for instant profit.  Abyss Crystals, Dream Shards, Greater Cosmic Essence, and Infinite Dust can add up very quickly.  Of course, you have to have hot dice!

3.  Vendored Loot

No disenchanter in your group?  No problem.  For all those BoP blues and purples, sell ’em to the nearest vendor.  BoE green items you can either sell straight up, or disenchant for mats.  See above.

4.  Frostweave Cloth

Run enough 5-man heroics and the cloth adds up.  Sell in stacks of 20, or send them to a tailor with some infinte dust to turn into Frostweave 20-slot bags.

5.  Misc. Loot

All those BoE blues you decide to sell in the AH fall into this category.  Relics of Ulduar, Eternals, and other items to sell on the AH will help pile on the gold.

If you apply all these methods, you could easily make 1,000g to 1,500g a day.  It does require some time invested in dungeons, but the gold is definitely there.  Converting emblems is the key, so take advantage of it!


  1. Niallaine says:

    Its actually better in some servers buying crusader orbs with triumph and then AH them, they’re worth 15 emblems and net around 250-300g. Which is cheaper than epic gems and yields more profit.

  2. Ana says:

    The only problem I have with the enchanting mats are that the price has dropped so much for them in the AH. Well, other than GCE which are still selling for a decent amount. Since I have an enchanter, I find it’s easier to put up scrolls with enchants on them. They seem to sell pretty quickly for a decent chunk of gold. The only downside is that I switched my inscriptionist to horde so now I have to hit up guildies for vellum.

  3. Khor says:

    You’re right Ana. The essences and dust have flip-flopped ever since Blizz increased the amount of dust coming from disenchants. For me it can still net anywhere from 50-75g a day on those mats alone, depending on my luck with rolls.

  4. Thunorian says:

    I find that DE loot will be more hassle then it is worth nowadays. The DE roll system has knackered Enchanters revenue stream badly enough, not to mention that selling dusts, essences and Crystals success rate depends hugely on the time of day. I noticed a pattern on my Realm, that at certain times of day, the same people would put 10or more stacks, and another 20 or so single dusts on the AH, and undercut everyone by quite a big margin. However, back when i was going mad on gearing alts, i was farming maybe 50-60 emblems of triumph a day, and clicking greed instead of DE for all loot drops, selling everything to vendor at the end of each dungeon, and was taking about 700-1000g per day.

  5. Doug McDonald says:

    It’s worth bearing in mind that due to the drop in price on Dream Shards and Abyss Crystals, that it’s well worth checking the value on vendoring items before you instantly click ‘DE’.

    Weapons, especially the epics and those from the new HC’s can net you 25-30g a time which is more than I can currently get for Abyss Crystals.

    Blue weapons and plate too, often 10-20g in vendor prices….beats the current dream shard price which was 3-5g yesterday 🙁

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