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WoW add-ons are not exactly my favorite thing. Sometimes I feel like they are just too much to keep up with. However, some are vital to gameplay, and even I will admit that. As I play retribution paladins most of the time, my add-ons and mods are very similar. I have compiled a list below, but notice I have no major UI add-ons. I use the vanilla UI. Call me old school, but it’s the best for me.

As a Ret Paladin, there are certain World of Warcraft addons you should absolutely have. Here is my core 4 list:

  • Pally Power – An absolute must. An easy to use interface that allows a Paladin to manage his/her blessings, as well as that of others in a party or raid, if they are the raid leader or raid assist.
  • Deadly Boss Mods – This is an all-inclusive warning/alert add-on for all raid bosses. If you don’t have this addon, your survivability will plummet. Another must-have.
  • Omen – Omen is a threat meter. This add-on warns you when you are about to pull threat off the current tank. The way paladin DPS is in its current state, I have to have this, not only for bosses, but for trash mobs as well. Paladin burst AoE DPS is so heavy that I often have that flashing red screen warning me I’m about to pull threat.
  • Grid – Even though Retribution Paladins are not main role healers, it’s still a good idea to have this interface add-on for quick resurrections, salvations, or last second heals.
  • RatingBuster – A great addon that allows you to compare stats on your current gear with any other item you are viewing. Very helpful in determining upgrades.

I understand many people use different UI’s, but I stick with the vanilla WoW UI. So I won’t throw out any recommendations, as they would be solely based on hearsay. I would much rather recommend something I am actually using.

That said, here are a couple other addons I use to help out with other aspects of gameplay:

  • Bagnon – A great addon to combine all your bags into one. Highly customizable with the ability to view not only your current toon’s bags, but your alts’ as well. Also displays your total gold server-wide, as well as how much each toon has regardless of which character is logged on.
  • Postal – Enhanced mailbox support. Many features including a recall list of who was recently mailed, as well as your alt toon list. My favorite is the easy emptying ‘open all’ option, that displays gold earned via AH sells, as well as any items obtained. Check it out.


  1. Flareknight says:

    Just read through your addon list

    i think you should check out S.H.I.T ( serious help in timing )

    it basically shows you exactly what your priority is and shows you when there is a space for divine plea and everything else,

    although i thought this was pointless when i seen it i tried it out and it actually helped me dps, not by tonnes but worth using, also it made me be that little more suriviable where i would hammer the key that was linked to what was shown,

    also being a raid leader myself i need to watch everyone else more than my own rotation and this addon helps.

    hope i helped 🙂

  2. Wow thats interesting. I currently use an ADDON called First Come First Serve for Retribution Paladin. I have to say this had boosted my DPS tremendously. I have my rotation timed perfectly. But it doesn’t show when to pop Divine Plea…I’m going to look into that Addon. thanks!

  3. Sion says:

    I was a bit of an add-on fiend for a while then I noticed a bit of slowdown so decided to trim the fat.

    I use much of the ones you listed but also use:

    BossTactics – Provides a library with photos explaining raid boss encounters and where to position the raid.

    Titan Panel – a very small toolbar that displays information like the condition of you gear (and cost to repair), gold accross characters and location/coords. There are other addons that work well with this to remove all the buttons from around your map for example; recount, deadly boss mods and omen to name a few.

  4. incrusiable says:

    hmm ive never had to use omen because for some reason i never pull threat i know im doing rotation correctly but seriously i NEVER pull threat(except once on onyxia) one other addon that isnt specificaly for retadins but i love to use is xperl xperl changes your player bars and has a function to display your raid as well so you dont have to use a bunch more space for grid. another good thing is the fact that you can have it only display a certain type of person like if its a really tank intensive fight or a fight that the healers get close to dieing alot u can select to have it show only warriors or only pallies or a combonation of classes

  5. RetPally says:

    Hmm I installed it just now, will test it in a bit, not sure if it will work for me, I base my rotations on circumstantial events, boss moving away, do exo/HoW, low mana, use judgement before doing another CS/DS. Low on health > DS, factors like 1 or multiple targets also determine my next spell/ability.

  6. Lyreth says:

    @ RetPally,

    I completely agree. There is no need for rotation addons, or anything like that. All encounters are circumstantial. Don’t get tunnel vision, pay attention to HP/MP, and rotate abilities as you NEED. If I’m in the middle of a long boss fight sometimes I’ll just wait a cooldown for my judgement just so I’ll get 1k mana back and be able to throw out tons of more high damage abilities back to back. You only need addons that tell you what is happening in the encounter, not what you should do. Everyone should know what they are doing prior to stepping up to the plate.

  7. Zavaris says:

    I’m the type of person who likes to completely change their UI. I use a lot of different addons at a time just to change up things including all the ones that Khor recommends. The most helpful though is pError. You use this nifty addon to filter out red messages that appear at the top of your screen. You are too far away! Target needs to be in front of you. You are facing the wrong way! Sound familiar? Deadly Boss Mods is set by default to place warnings right where those annoying red messages are. Sometimes they overlap DBM while I’m mashing keys. pError lets you filter them out so you can see who just got Swarming Shadows on Blood Queen and fails at running away.

  8. RetForever says:

    I am currently using CLCRET and it’s awesome, it allows me to do my fcfs rotation perfectly without having to watch the actionbar and the cd’s on every spell. Basically what it does is it indicates what spell you should cast next and also the next one after that, depending on your priority list. You can set up your own priority order, almost every spell is included (divine plea too), and it will always show the highest priority spell thats off cd or is coming off cd first. This lets you keep your eyes on the battle and quickly glancing at the indicator when you need to. It works for prot too.

  9. Khor says:

    I know several people that use CLCRET…maybe I’ll have to do some more research and get a post up on it!

  10. Fuzzyywuzzyy says:

    It’s an amazing addon(CLCRET). It allows you to track cool downs right on your FCFS visual and it works a LOT better than Serious Help In Timing.

    You can even add buffs to it so you know if you have the wrong buff/aura/missing buff or aura/etc…

  11. JeD says:

    Watcherabsolutely the best for FCFS. Note, I don’t stick to FCFS. You have to know with throw ’em, when fold ’em, know when to walk away … know when to run. But it’s nice to be able to watch the battle and my cooldowns just under what’s going on rather than the button bar.
    NeedToKnow … great for monitoring those gear Procs and Art of War

  12. Brian says:

    Here’s a few mods I can’t live without.

    1. MikScrollingBattleText
    This mod is like the default Battle Text on steroids. Everything is neatly organized and color-coded for optimal efficiency and comprehension. For example: Damage incoming is scrolling on your left, while the damage you do is scrolling on your right. Plus, “proc” abilities like Art of War pop up above your toon, while a nice message (” is ready!”) notifies you when your abilities are off CD.

    2. OmniCC
    This mod adds a visual coutdown timer on your action bar to let you know how much time you have left for them to come off CD. Very handy for timing things like Divine Plea.

    Other than that, I usually roll with BigWigs (another “boss mod”), Pally Power, and a few others that don’t apply to my paladin.

  13. Joe says:

    Just thought of this if you guys have any macros that you are willing to share please post them on here

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