Paladin Heirloom Project – Part II

This Paladin Heirloom Project has been a lot of fun so far. I am discovering new ways of leveling that is just helping me blow through levels. I started this as a fun project, and that is exactly what is has been so far. I am looking forward to seeing what results this will deliver.

The keys to me pulling through with my objectives for this project is to have as little downtime as possible, and to significantly reduce my travel time, which it looks like I will have no problem doing.

Continuing with my Paladin Heirloom Project, I am going to post levels 11 through 20 here.

Paladin Heirloom Project Part II

Levels: 11-20

Zones Involved: Elwynn Forest (10-15), Westfall (15-20)

Training at Levels: 14, 16, 20

Overall Time Elapsed: 5 hours 50 minutes

Gear Purchased: By a bank toon every couple levels, random BoE greens of the Bear and of the Tiger.


There are several ‘hidden’ quests to look out for. Two you can find in Elwyn Forest, and one can be found in Westfall.


  • Furlbrow’s Deed – Obtained by looting Westfall Deed from Defias mobs level 7 and above in eastern Elwynn Forest. This is a random drop.
  • Captain Sanders’ Hidden Treasure – Obtained by looting Captain Sanders’ Treasure Map from any of the murlocs in Westfall. This is a random drop.
  • Also, many people forget that off the shore of southwestern Westfall, there is a light house with a quest giver for 3 quests. One of his quests requires flasks of oil, so when killing harvesters for other quests, make sure to loot and keep the oils for an immediate quest turn-in!

    When traveling to Lakeshire for the Defias quest chain, go ahead and knock out Hilary’s Necklace, which is given by Shawn at the end of the pier. This is a low level quest that gives you max XP by completing it this early.

    There are 3 Deadmines quests that can be done without actually going into the instance itself.

    Completing all these ‘extra’ quests alone will almost boost you up another level. So don’t leave them out!


    Basically, for this, I followed the same methods as Part I. Killing everything in my path and looting only what I needed, I moved very quickly from quest objective to quest objective. I hit every quest available, include all those in Goldshire, Eastvale Lagging Camp, and Hogger’s area.

    Upon reaching Westfall, I completed the traveling quests first (sending me to Redridge and Stormwind), then knocked out the rest in short order via quest stacking.

    • Quest Stacking – An absolutely imperative method for leveling quickly. Grab every single quest you can in an area and do not return to turn any of them in until they are all completed. This saves extraordinary amounts of time from running back and forth repetitively.

    I was consistently a couple levels ahead of the mobs and quests for these zones, so I blew through them all. Very easy, and a very rewarding mount at level 20! Time flew by on these levels, and I was easily into 20 and beyond.



    1. Hey I picked up your leveling guide at the 11 to 20…and whizzed thru it….it was so easy I thought I was doing something wrong. lol

      I declined most offers to group, seems when I am grouping, most time is spent waiting for someone. (I am lucky that way)

      I arrived at level 20, got my mount, rode to eastvale for riding lesson then took a break for a day. Now I am picking up 21 to 30 and continuing on.

      Thanks for all the help, this is an awesome leveling guide. People actually think I know what I am doing. lol

    2. small note: Hidden Deadmine quests…the red silk bandanas was not available. The NPC was at the top of the tower, but had nothing to give.
      I havent checked the other two yet.

    3. Khor says:

      For that one to open up you have to complete the Defias quest chain in Westfall. Once you do that, then the quest at the top of the tower will become available 🙂

    4. Khor says:

      Thanks! Hopefully the stuff on my site will continue to help! Sometimes I feel WoW players tend to over complicate things, and I try to help simplify that. Let me know hoe the continued leveling goes!

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