WoW AH Tips – Blade of Misfortune

The Blade of Misfortune is one of the top 5 items I try and look for when buying and reselling in the Auction House? Why? Because it usually nets me at least 100g in 24 hours or less. This sword is highly sought after by many classes, and for several reasons.

First, it is an outstanding level 60 PvP weapon for Paladins, Warriors, and Death Knights. The strength and critical strike combo leaves it nearly unmatched. It is by far the best BoE 2-handed weapon you can get in the game at level 60.

Second, if not using a Bind on Account Heirloom weapon, this is top of the line for leveling when hitting 60. If avoiding dungeons while leveling, this sword will last until level 66 or 67, so well worth the investment.

Third, for people like me, it is a great money maker if you can find it at the right price. I make two auction house scans a day. One in the early morning, and one late at night. This is always the first thing I check for.

Reselling Blade of Misfortune

blade of misfortune icon

When buying the Blade of Misfortune to resell, I follow some very simple, but strict guidelines.

  • Purchase at 300g or less
  • Never sell for less than 375g
  • Re-sell at 375g if other Blades are up for auction, so long as 375g would be the lowest buyout.
  • Sell for 450g if the only Blade on the market, let run for 48 hours.
  • If no buyers at 48 hours, drop price to 425g for another 48 hours.
  • If no buyers still at this point, and no other Blades on the AH, sell for 400g buyout until it sells.
  • Never sell for more than 500g.

Usually, depending in demand, the blade will sell within 24 hours, and I have easy money in my pocket. Because of the high demand for this weapon, it makes for a great item to buy and resell. Don’t worry about losing gold on this weapon, you’ll make your money back and then some.

Blade of Misfortune for 190g buyout in AH.

Bought and re-listed for 375g

Sold! Profit of 171g!

In this instance, I was simply trying to sell quickly for screenshot purposes for this post, hence the 375g buyout. Normally, I would have stuck with my methods.

Good luck, and I hope this tip helps!


  1. Maxpro says:

    This is an older post that I just now came across. Just checked the AH before logging off for the night, there were 2 up on the AH, both were less than 25% of their average selling price according to Auctioneer.

    I payed less than 100g for each of them. 400g is too high for my server, but I did post them for 350g and will see if they sell at that price.

    This weapon is highly sought after on my server, not sure how there were 2 up for so cheap, unnoticed.

    Thanks for the tip!

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