How to Make WoW Gold – Solo ZF

Ret Pally – Making Wow Gold in Zul’Farrak (ZF)

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure I’d be making a ton of gold per hour farming ZF.  I know there are two primary sources of gold in here, and they are: Mageweave Cloth and Enchanting materials.

My plan was to just run through all the mobs on ZF solo run lootmy mount and pull them into one big pack and AoE them down…bu that wasn’t to be.  The casters were surprisingly efficient and yanking me off my Charger.  So my time through the instance was slowed more than I thought.  Not a good thing when trying to farm with time at stake.

One area you want to make sure not to miss is is the undead area with all the burial mounds.  Just run by and click on them all, and once you aggro all the undead trolls, just AoE them down.  Very easy, and good amounts of loot for a short amount of time.  Also, don’t forget to go back and loot the mounds.  Mageweave, potions, and some decent vendor trash can be found there.  Also, Tarnished Silver Necklace can be looted here, which some people will pay a few gold for.

One annoying factor was the amount of troll sweat I was looting, and considering that it only stacks to 5, I was consistently removing Troll Sweat from my bags.  Like I said…annoying.

Okay, now for the details of my run:

ZF Run Time: 31 minutes (way too high IMO)


  • 12g coinage
  • 12.9g Vendor Trash
  • 96x Mageweave Cloth – 47.5g
  • 80x Silk Cloth – 7.76g
  • 1x Star Ruby – 3.75g
  • 1x Recipe: Invisibility Potion – 15g
  • 3x Superior Healing Potion – 1.45g
  • 12x Green Items (which I DE’d on another toon into:)
  • 3x Greater Nether Essence – 23.5g
  • 2x Lesser Nether Essence – 6g
  • 18x Vision Dust – 5.75g
  • 2x Dream Dust – 12s

Total Gold Made: 110g

Total Gold per Hour: 110g x 2 = 220 gold per hour

ret paladin solo zfI’m not sure this is the best route for gold…in fact, I’m not sure how good this is for farming Mageweave Cloth either.  The ogres south of ZF may drop more Mageweave per hour.  I may have to test that theory…

The only thing I have not factored in was DE’ing boss loot.  That may increase the gold per hour, so I may bring my DE pally in, to make the run and see how that goes.


  1. Connor says:

    If you really wanna make some deece gold, Seriously just get mining (herbing) but only herb if you wanna… And go farm minerals for an hour… In that time you get around 10-20 stacks of saronite and 1-2 stacks of titanium, Right there thats around 400-600G depending on the server, But! It gets better then you take the saronite ore and turn it into Bars and get an alchamist to transmute the bars into titanium bars and that gets you a WHOLE bunch more gold… In ONE day I could make 5-8k gold! =) Hope this helped!

  2. Khor says:

    Hey Connor, great tips! I’ve heard of the Titanium transmuting, but I’ve heard concerns over flooding the market with Titanium bars. Have you noticed this on your server, with your methods?

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