Maintenance Extended

Round 1 of maintenance extension…+2 hours.  Hopefully this will be the only extension, but those of us that have been around the block know that extensions don’t often come in ones!

Round 2 of maintenance extension…+4 more hours. That’s a total of 6 hours for those counting. Ah well, good things ome to those who wait!


  1. Cloudruler says:

    and number 2 is posted at expected 5pm PST uptime.

  2. Khor says:

    Yep, just saw it.

  3. Jeff says:

    Put your money down people. How many more extensions do you think will come? I think about 2 more.

  4. Pyrenia says:

    5pm pst will be the last imo.. Just the right time for all the working class to get in on the new release.. seen this in the past..

  5. Andrew says:

    I say it will be up around 11:00pm est.

  6. Pyrenia says:

    Not ashame to say it.. im setting here biting nails.. *chuckles*

  7. Pyrenia says:

    7pm pst at the latest i would say…

  8. Anthony says:

    I say we have at least 1 more extension, maybe 2.

  9. Taddeous says:

    /SIGH Well then I didn’t have to come home early after all lol

  10. Bastiat says:

    Just been bouncing from Ret-Pally site to Ret-Pally site to read up, but yeah… its time to get in the game. Enough already…

    Btw..since this is BY FAR the best RetPal site out there (Kudos to you Khor!)… anyone know of a site that might come close on the Protection-side? I don’t offspec often but I could use a well of knowledge like this site for when I do.

  11. Pyrenia says:

    130 mb patch just came up for me.. i would say that they still on par with 5pm pst open

  12. Pyrenia says:

    its open!!!

  13. Kevin says:

    Thanks for running a great site

  14. Doug McDonald says:

    “anyone know of a site that might come close on the Protection-side?”

    You will want to look at, the forum specifically has so much information it’s frankly not worth looking anywhere else for protection info!

  15. RetForever says:

    Well.. I made a new character called Retcow. Guess his race and class.

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