Patch 4.1 Next Week?

It looks like there is a very strong chance we could see Patch 4.1 go live next week.  Nothing is written in stone, of course, but all signs point to Patch 4.1 being very close to a release version going live.  I myself am stoked, and can’t wait to get started.

I have stayed off the PTRs for awhile now, as I realized I enjoy experiencing content on my “real” toon, as everything I earn is permanent.  Plus, the content isn’t weeks or months old the day it goes live.  It feels fresh.

I am definitely looking forward to the 5-mans, and all the new “extras” being implemented.  More mounts, anyone?

Retribution Paladins in Patch 4.1

It would seem in the most recent patch released, we were given the majority of the large scale changes we were hoping to see.  In Patch 4.1, it appears Blizzard is more or less content with the class and its damage output.  We’ll see how changes to other classes affect the DPS meters once everything goes live.

I’m not going to roll out anything I would like to see changed, but in the back of my mind I still feel like something is missing from our gameplay style.  See you guys in one week, hopefully.  If the patch gets pushed back one more week, well, there’s always Archaeology!


  1. Ryan says:

    It’s been a while since I’ve even WoWed around lately, but I’ve been watching the paladin news here. Thanks for the updates (when available :P).

    I personally feel like WoW as a whole has lost some of its original value. Cataclysm (and its continuous, anti-casual gameplay) felt more like Blizzard’s way of making up for the “easy mode” WotLK. I’m not a hardcore raider, nor will I ever be, and I know that I won’t be able to be with the guilds that annihilate Deathwing when the day comes. But now that my lonely Paladin sits staring at 85 content, it’s almost an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness. 4-hour 5mans and completely absurd repair bills later, at the end of the day I feel like Blizzard doesn’t want people like me to progress through content when it is new, ever.

    Cata brought many a good thing, but even while watching and reading the updates, I just can’t seem to get back the excitement about it all. I could level new toons, sure, but through the same content again. I could PvP, but it’s not really my favorite thing to do. I guess I’ve found out that defeating the giant bosses in raids just isn’t meant for me to do. My guild likes to play, but with the content that’s out (and the content to be released) casual play becomes more and more impossible as time rolls on.

    I know this isn’t the place for a rant like this, but I felt that, with the oncoming patch, I might as well shove my opinion out there.

  2. I understand completely. I’m surprised at how many people are coming forward with this same set of thoughts and opinions. I have a post already written that is set to release tonight that clears up my thoughts from my previous Cata 4 Month Review Post.

    You aren’t alone!

  3. Moriarty says:

    Thanks for posting, Ret, and matching my excitement for the upcoming patch.

    I am guildless atm but will be looking for new home post-patch.

    The one thing I’ll miss is running non-stop through my dailies in TB and the Peninsula spamming WoG… it was fun while it lasted!


  4. Tim C says:

    I have posted before on this and you are definitely not alone. Work, kids, house, (life in general) does not allow me to spend hours on end raiding. I understand the focus of Blizzard is an age group younger than me, but a lot of original players are now growing up and gaining responsibilities outside of WOW. From everything I have read, I believe blizzard will begin losing some players as they level to 85 and then say, “now what?”. My guild has some players who commit large amounts of time to raiding and more power to them, but I see more and more complaints over the amount of time it takes to do a heroic, let alone raid. Perhaps the end is coming close for me, holding onto things like WOW help to keep me feeling young, but as stated before, this game is definitely aimed toward the younger kinds with plenty of time and fewer responsibilities. I guess I’ll go cut the lawn…. ughhh….

  5. Austin P. says:

    I get what everyone is saying. Keeping up with WoW now is impossible. Most people have more important things to work on rather then spending hours on raids and dungeons. I myself barely raid, but I find most of my fun in PvP. I hope blizzard makes it a bit more laid back for some of the casual gamers.

  6. HockeyGuy says:

    Hello Khor and thanks for continued awesome site.

    I finally quit WOW after 6 years and have moved on to RIFT, Total War, and returned to console gaming.

    Like many folks here, I just don’t have the time or desire. WOW truly became dull and more time consuming than ever. The last time I logged on, I sat on the top of Stormwind Keep and said..”why bother.” Endless nights raiding in futility, abomination wait times for instances, and just downright repetitive game play. My former guidies are all asking the same question…”Why bother.”

    One of close friends who quit WOW about 2 months ago stated that his former guild is still at it…experiencing frustration, boredom, and other group related issues. A number of them have quit and moved on to fresher landscapes like RIFT.

    Now RIFT is basically a WOW clone. But it is offering new graphics and a whole new universe to explore. I am sure that in the future, RIFT will someday be a chore to me as well and I will have to move on to something else…maybe KOTR? :}

    But for WOW to thrive, it really needs a whole new level of design, story, and game play. Everything seems rehashed and derivative. The game is basically: level, raid, raid, raid, pvp, pvp, pvp, try for better gear, try for better gear, try for getter gear, raid, raid, wait, wait, wait, instance, instance, pug, pug, fail, fail, etc, etc. Crafting is dull, and archaeology is as fun as listening to your spouse talk about her day.

    Blizz probably does not care as losing a million or two players really won’t hurt their incomes much. Just release a new in game pet or mount for $25 and watch the addicted masses rush to buy it.

    Anyway, I will miss your site as well as reading the great posts from my fellow, now former, WOW players.

    thanks rock always!

  7. zachry of hellscream says:

    We will see how the patch affects us soon enough. Judging from our changes, it will be minimal unless other dps classes suffer heavily. I pull my weigh, especially on burst dps. I don’t wipe raids, and in pvp, I always have the most killing blows (HAMMER!), but its rough being a ret pally on the dps tables when mages are breaking 30K. Our cc is laughable (one per min) and now they are nerfing our crap off-heal? However, the balance is not too bad. Thank you Vanguardy for showing me how to push past the ‘balance’ and still wreck shop. If nothing else, I can always destroy a regular 5 man, doing 70 percent of yhe party damage now!


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