Retribution Paladin Patch 4.1 Live

As you well know, Patch 4.1 is live.  Nothing ground breaking for us Rets, but here is the lowdown on what we saw changed:


  • Righteous Fury now persists through death.
  • Word of Glory now has a 20-second cooldown.


  • Divine Storm now generates 1 point of Holy Power if it hits (i.e. successfully lands on) 4 or more targets.
  • Sacred Shield’s internal cooldown has been increased to 60 seconds, up from 30.

Bug Fixes

  • Avenger’s Shield can no longer be blocked.
  • Judgements of the Just debuff can no longer trigger talents and other effects.
  • Seal of Truth: Fixed a tooltip error that stated swings at targets with Censure fully stacked dealt 9% weapon damage. They actually dealt 15% damage and the tooltip has been updated accordingly.

Nothing groundbreaking here.  Yes, we see some much needed Holy Power generation from Divine Storm, and Word of Glory now has taken a backseat to its former position.  Other than that, keep spamming those FCFS rotations away, and let’s see how 4.1 treats us!


  1. Aemon says:

    Paladin is so much more boring these days. Reforging from haste since it is our weakest stat, attacks are so slow you’re praying for a proc in order to do anything. Zzzzzzzzzz thanks Blizz.

  2. Shogan says:

    WoG CD – I dont mind it on Ret but I am definitely missing it when I am in Prot spec 🙁

    DS – I still think it should be 3. It worked a treat on Maloriak, will be good for some of the BoT trash too but thats about it.

  3. Denae says:

    I’ve been wondering if the 353 pve weapons are better for pre-raid dps than the 359 pvp weapons, any chance someone could tell me?

  4. porsgrunn says:

    i would go for 359 if u get it, other than that, i would use the 365 pvp gear. and just get some 353 where 365 pvp ruins the hit cap

  5. Shogan says:

    @Danae Up until this week I had been using Vicious Gladiator’s Bonegrinder (ilvl 359 pvp mace) and prior to that the Wild Hammer (HC Grim Batol). The pvp mace gave roughly a 300-400 increase to my dps. From what I can tell Jeklik’s Smasher (lvl 353 Jindo in ZG) is just below the pvp mace, ever so slightly.

    This relates to you being a dwarf, as I am. When it comes to Humans the PvP sword might be a little more appealing because of the Expertise racial and as for Draneai it might not matter either way.

    I am sure places like Elitist Jerks would have a more indepth answer but IMO just go for what you can come across easier. As it is ‘pre-raid’ you are talking about there is a strong chance you will be changing it again in the near fututre.

    My biggest concern would be ‘Bracers’. I have only seen them drop once from Omnitron so I will be farming the new ones form Bloodlord Mandokir, just one of two reasons to kill that boss.

  6. Ed says:

    i asked this on wow forum before, but it didnt get a reeal answer. I,ve played a pally since vanilla. With the new changes in cata i even went from clicking to keys for my rotation. I use clcret mostly to tell me what to hit. Nowadays my eyes are glued to the addon to follow it’s suggestions as close ass possible in order to do (reasonable nowadays ) DPS. I cant seem to find a rythm wich allows me not to keep eyeballing the addon, thus having less time to see around and see what’s happening in the fight. Am i the only one on this? The warnings from the blizz “power aura’s”arent enough to track everything that happens, so i have to keep lookind at the addon.

  7. Mourdechai says:

    Honestly, with regards to CLCret, I have found out that I am either looking at my action bars(constantly) without the add on, or looking at the addon itself(occasionally) with the add on.

    the bonus for the add on is that it’s a lot easier to move the add on where i want it than it is to move all of my bars into a position that would allow me to keep raid awareness. Also, I can keep my mind off of worrying about what my next priority is, which frees me up even further for raid awareness.

    As for paladin being “boring” these days, may I remind you of when we had just seal and judgement and auto attack?

  8. Aemon says:

    I remember those days, played since launch and we’ve definitely had our ups and downs. Sadly for me, it’s come back around to boring again 😉 It’s just too slow. It’s a shame because he’s been my main since launch and I have the most accomplishments on him. It isn’t a lot by some people’s standards, but almost 10k achievement points. I have a lot of work in him, ah well.

  9. Shogan says:

    I wish the T12 set would look more like the Warrior set that has just come out on MMO. Why we look like a Warlock is beyond me, as for the dress, well seriously?!?! Its not cloth or leather, plates is not that pliable.

  10. Darthal says:

    I need some serious affirmation that rets are still awesome because his gear is far superior to my dks but can’t even come close on dps except bosses. Anyone else having a not-so-fun time in instances?

  11. warcrye says:

    I have to agree with Darthal. Im having a not-so-fun time in instances. On a tank’n’spank boss where I can stand still I will be at the top of recount. But if I have to move and/or switch targets my dps will drop sharply, cos I takes so long to build up to something meaningful. As for trash pulls, Im almost scared to go near them, maybe Im doing something wrong, but Im taking a hell of of lot of dmg from trash, so that, at times, Im spending as much time healing myself as hitting them. I feel like my pala is made of glass. If anyone has any helpful suggestions I’d love to hear them ( I am using Hand of Sanc. to drop threat)

  12. Shogan says:

    If you are basing whether or not Retribution Paladins are fun to play solely on their DPS then I do feel a bit sorry for you. If you want to top the meters again go back to ICC and kill all those undead mobs or roll a Warrior. I enjoy Ret for a multitude of reasons, the least of which is their DPS.

    If you like Ret but want to play a character just for the DPS then I suggest going Enhancement Shaman. They work off a similar FCFS proirity of abilities and their DPS can be very high, if played right!! You will miss the bubbles, hands, judgements, seals, and god knows what else but hey at least you are getting close to the top of the meters… and you have Hero.

    Cata is all about the mechanics, if you can’t deal with them then all the DPS in the world isn’t going to help you.

  13. warcrye says:

    You’ve misunderstood me, I dont play ret to be king of recount, if I wanted that I’d play my elesham or hunter. I find my yo-yo dps frustrating, going from good to rubbish from pull to pull. What bothers me most is the dmg Im taking from normal mobs, within and out of instances, and that it takes so much mana and time to heal up, while doing not dmg at all. Are other ret pala’s having this problem or am I doing something very wrong. I love playing my pala, but I no longer have the “I can go anywhere and do anything” feeling I used to have with him. I asked if anyone had a helpful suggestion I might try to improve with, not to be told “roll another class,Hero”.

  14. warcrye says:

    I an ok being told I’ve done something wrong, if u tell me what it is. Only then can I make it right.

  15. Humanaggro says:


    I still love playing my ret paladin and I really enjoy it. Not only do I top the dps charts many times, (very often against better geared players) but I also think that it’s very enjoyable. While I do agree with you on the point that I take a lot of dmg from random mobs and trash, healers usually heal me pretty quickly so I don’t have to do that, which is normal since I’m dps. I think that you should follow the FCFS rotation and then after some you won’t need in anymore and your dps will be great. Also, I believe that rets are GREAT PvP, and I do both arena and bg’s with mine. Sometimes I can even win against 2 opposing players using all the amazing ablities pallies have, such as LoH(although it’s a 7min CD).

  16. Mourdechai says:

    My best suggestion, warcrye, for people who have low DPS is to download the CLCret FCFS rotation helper add on to better familiarize yourself with the FCFS rotation of ret paladin. You don’t have to keep it, and it certainly isn’t a “Press this button to play ret” sort of thing. it doesn’t help with anything other than which ability of yours has priority for your DPS rotation.

    as for taking damage, if your DPS is how you sayit is, i don’t understand how you take so muc damage. One thing might be that you don’t have your particle effects turned high enough and you are standing in things or something. or you aren’t attacking what the tank is.

    If you have specific questions i could answer those, but with the small amount of information i have, this is the best that I can do.

  17. Bûba says:

    ret is dying wow is dying as can be evidenced by Khors lack of comment within his own site

  18. warcrye says:

    Thanks guys.
    I feel my rotation use is fine (though my cd timing needs work) but I will check out CLCret to be sure.
    Im ok with bosses, doing average of 12-16k dps with ilv356, though Ive been caught out with aoe abilities a few times (usually cos I didnt move far enough); changing particle effect setting may help there.
    Its against pack of mobs that things get ugly, with dps often dropping to around 5k, esp if I have to get out and heal. I will pay more attention to who Im hitting. Also now have omen to better understand my threat lvs ( a couple of quick procs and Ill get hammered). Its often the most obvious mistakes we overlook first.
    Thanks again.

    I too love pvp with my pala, our only weakness imo is how easy we are to kite.

  19. Shogan says:

    @ Bûba – As Khor has stated on his site many times his real life circumstances have changed, so it is that fact that has been redirecting his attention not WoW itself.

    @Warcrye – Are you worried about your DPS on packs of TRASH? If so, why? The dps you do on them has not impact on your Boss DPS, which 9 times out of 10 is single target + movement. I would find ways to keep up your DPS while moving rather than bothering with AoE.

    If you are worried about how much damage you are taking from trash packs it is probably because you have high threat on the mobs that are not targeted by the tank. Set the tank as your ‘focus target’ with ‘target of target’ turned on. If the tank marks up then great, attack the skull, X, etc. If not, make sure to either click tot or use an assist macro /target [target=focustarget, harm, nodead]

    Check out Tidy Plate –

    On the PvP side of things, I still prefer Prot for BGs and Ret for Arena.

  20. warcrye says:

    Thanks for the tips.
    On the subject of Prot pvp, what gem/ench do u prefer and do u use the glyph of avenger shield?

  21. Shogan says:

    Taugrim’s guide to Prot PvP, although last updated just prior to 4.1, is still the best source of information on the subject. Everything you need from Gems, talents, reforging to tips and tricks can be found here.

    You will need to take into consideration that Taugrim has move onto RIFT so dont expect much by way of updates come, he has actually commented as such. However, this is a great guide especially if you plan to do BG’s.

    Note: It was also viable for tanking HC’s and should be more than OK to use in the new ZA/ZG instances. Slightly reglyph before you swap from PvP to PvE.

  22. Mourdechai says:

    Tidy plates is a really nice add on.

    Your DPS should be fine now in trash packs with the changes to divine storm(seal would still be seal of truth AFAIK, it doesn’t seem worth changing to me). As a benchmark, i have a 357 ilvl and i hit 20k on most bosses(i have done up to 30k in short boss fights in optimal conditions), though some gimmick fights will leave me at 10-12 depending on how much punishment i am taking from mechanics.

    One thing that will really improve your DPS is actually using your cooldowns. as far as i understand, it is now better to use avenging wrath and zealotry at the same time, and when you start a boss fight, you bring out your guardian, so that you will have a good amount of strength stacked for your 5 stacks of censure, which is when you would hit wings and zealotry(this may be outdated information).

    I think if you linked your armory we could see more specifically if it is a gear issue or not. A lot of people don’t seem to know what their caps are and where some stats should be before others start getting attention(wrath’s big problem was people with waaaaay too much hit, for instance).

  23. Mourdechai says:

    ^ that was directed at warcrye, btw. I can’t believe i forgot to say that.

  24. Alexcalibur says:

    WoW blogs .. especially ret/paladin related ones are becoming pretty scarce. I think WoW may have jumped the shark.

  25. Blizzy says:

    Always keep in mind (I’ve had my *main retribution paladin since 2008)— in the world of pve/pvp there are popular rotations but never one single rotation as being dominant. Take into consideration for the advanced information found on many sites included and apply a small percentage of the info towards your character. Trying to follow info exactly to the T will just put you in a world of frustration. They say haste is our worst stat- correct… but has anyone thought about the retribution T11 gear and the stats? Freagin haste everywhere.. besides that my pally is ilvl 358 with 24-27k burst dps along with a decline to 17-18k dps then when relaxing I sit at 13k dps and no lower. be sure to keep in mind Bold gems (+40 strength) are king for us though on a technicality gear with 2-3 gem slots with the benefit of +10/20/30 strength socket bonus you can alternate with the Strength/mastery gem to optimize your dps. With that said… priorities are always followed (we melee know that) after ilvl 333+ = Hit cap/ Expertise cap– all others Mastery>Crit>haste… Always try to include mastery in every piece of gear that is still available for reforge and isn’t going to kill ya. Noted—throughout the mathematics/mechanics of our stat weights, if your mastery is resting at a score rated to be higher then the comfortable zone that many web sites tell you, split reforging evenly between gear that can have crit reforged to them and mastery reforged to them. Believe me lol i didnt want to believe this myself until i tried two nights ago, now Im satisfied with how my spec is going. (MS ret-358/OS prot-358)– Zarrez—realm illidan. If anyone has completely nerd the ret pally out more then I have, please share some helpful info 🙂 hopefully this helps people.

  26. Blizzy says:

    Another thing, as long as talents are applied accordingly in the best way given, we just push a button for faster action refreshes… If your rotation starts off like—Judge (6% haste increase) Cstrike>inquisition>Hammer of wrath>holywrath or cstrike>consincrate>—-then when the perfect opportunity comes hit your ~forgot the name~ your mana regen. over time is now included into our rotation to better speed our actions just about the same as inquisition. Though during encounters the majority of the time- I wait for my holy power to proc for full power to inquisition/templar’s verdict…. but besides my jibber jabber— check this addon out. download ***Ovale*** its about the next best thing when it comes to quick thinking to piece together your next action! have fun

  27. warcrye says:


    apart from upgrading the blues, is there anything i should change?

  28. Lokisan says:

    Is the website dead? 🙁

  29. tealke says:

    it seems dead no posts for a long time :s , not even an updated BiS LIST

  30. lordmogg says:

    Hi the above two posters. Im pretty sure its not dead. Khor has other things he has to do at the mo. Its only been a few weeks since his last post and to be fair nothing has actually happened in wow in that time.

    Althoough i have rolled a Hunter………………

  31. Shogan says:

    I suppose the only things to have come up recently are to do with the PTR. 2 and 4 set bonuses, changes to Selfless healer and I am sure a few others. I cannot deny that it would be nice to have a post up so we can dicuss these things but until we hear from Khor, I will remain hopefull.

  32. Phillpot_2 says:

    Khor no longer owns this website guys. /cry. Bye khor, thanks for the good times.

  33. Shogan says:

    Seriously?!?! Not even so much as a goodbye :’-(

    If that is the case, then what now? Will someone be taking over from him in the running of the site?

  34. Knowing! says:

    Site will be updated very soon guys, new posts, sections, and the forum will probably be back. 🙂

  35. tealke says:

    who own the website now then ?

  36. DunmerNL says:

    Hi guys,

    Pity about Khor leaving. Does he still play WoW or did he quit?

    Who is going to run this website? I would like to get in contact with this person. Got some ideas for the site.

    Thanks in advance,

  37. How can I play WOW? I remember playing this game 6 years ago I think on a computer shop.

  38. lordmogg says:

    go to blizzards website, download free trial and play on from there

  39. Hey guys, My name is Abdou, proud to be the new owner of this great blog, I will keep you guys posted real soon. If you have any question please send to

  40. Porsgrunn says:

    hi Abdou:) just a quick question. will u make this a ret-palla site only or will u cover all the specs? if its only ret, it would be cool if u could post some updates on the other specs too, anyways cant wait til u get started:)

  41. Gwar says:

    Bye khor. Thanks for your helpful site.


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