World of Warcraft Patch 4.2: Rage of the Firelands (Paladins)

World of Warcraft Patch 4.2: Rage of the Firelands – official patch notes for Retribution and other Paladins. Retribution Paladin: Inquiry of Faith now increases Inquisition duration by 66/133/200%, up from 50/100/150%. The Seals of Command talent now makes Seal of Righteousness hit an unlimited number of melee targets, instead of only 2 additional targets. […]

Retribution Paladin Patch 4.2 WoW News

Hello, I am Edenwyl, from the french server Dalaran EU, and I would like to share some information about the upcoming 4.2 patch, regarding the Retribution Paladin (it’s a short version of what you can find in the patchnotes). SoR : Seal of Righteousness SoT : Seal of Truth Reading the patchnotes, we see Blizzard […]

Updated Retribution Info Coming Very Soon

Retribution Paladin information specific to Patch 4.1 will be updated once the patch goes live, or at least once I confirm it has gone live.  This will include all the major Retribution categories, which you can find listed neatly in the second menu bar above. I hesitate to put anything up immediately, mainly because you […]

Patch 4.1 Next Week?

It looks like there is a very strong chance we could see Patch 4.1 go live next week.  Nothing is written in stone, of course, but all signs point to Patch 4.1 being very close to a release version going live.  I myself am stoked, and can’t wait to get started. I have stayed off […]

Patch 4.1.11 Notes

Blizzard released the notes for Patch 4.1.11 today.  We have some GREAT Retribution Paladin changes on the way!  Take a look: Paladins Judgement has been removed from the game. Judgment (new ability) unleashes the energy of a Seal for Holy damage. All talents and glyphs which referred to Judgement now correctly affect Judgment. The sound […]

New Month, New Warcraft News

It is April 1, so that means it’s always a good day for spectacular WoW news!  Rather than spin off some wild tale here at Retribution, Blizzard and MMO Champion have really outdone themselves this time.  I encourage you to go take a look at the NEW WoW features in the upcoming expansion! They […]

New 4.1 PTR Patch Update

New 4.1 PTR update and still nothing new for Retribution.  I think it is safe to say the Word of Glory change is the extent of different playstyle we will see with Retribution Paladins that are specific to Patch 4.1. You can see the updated 4.1 PTR Notes here: Patch 4.1 PTR Notes I’ll have […]

Blizz on Word of Glory Change

Daxxari posted a bit on the Word of Glory changes in Patch 4.1, and I’m going to break down my take on certain parts after I link the post.  I agree with most of the reasonings, but I think there is a bit of reading between the lines as well. The assessment that Word of […]

Retribution Paladins Patch 4.1

Updated 2/27/2011.  Finally!  Retribution Paladin news!  Patch 4.1 has hit the PTR servers, and it looks like we are in store for a fun patch!  I will continuously keep this post updated with the most current Ret Paladin news on the PTRs,so keep checking back! My updates will be at the bottom of the post, […]

7 Major Retribution Paladin Changes in Patch 4.0.6

Patch 4.0.6 is here, and with it comes some serious changes to our Retribution Paladin gameplay.  But before I get into these major changes, let’s address the most pressing concern every Ret Paladin has: Will we be doing more damage and DPS in Patch 4.0.6? Short answer, yes.  Long answer, yes, but our damage output […]