406g per hour Grinding Icecrown

It seems with all the many ways to make gold in WoW these days, grinding has become a lost art. I know it is still viable, but my goal was to find a method and pack of mobs that would compete, if not beat, the other methods of gold making.

They key to this is having as much up time as possible, meaning no drinking or eating, which I did absolutely none of. Not once did I stop to eat or drink, or even cast Holy Light for that matter. I ran a few instant Flash of Lights of Art of War procs, but other than that, my spells kept both my mana and health almost full the entire duration of my experiment. Retribution Paladins ftw yet again!

Doing the Argent Dawn daily quests over and over led me to find that the cultists on the platform just east of Chillmaw’s area were extremely weak (casters), and had ridiculously high respawn rates. So, I decided to do a 30 minute test run to see how well I could do making gold by farming these guys.

Note the minimap location

Most of them went down in two or three hits, which for a pally (with instant spells), takes about a second. So I was chewing these guys up. Even with other players doing their AD dailies there, I had no problems keeping up my kill count.

Okay, so here is what I started out with: 11217g 34s 97c

After 30 minutes, I had:

  • 56g from coin drops on the mobs (10s to 35s per kill)
  • 35g vendor trash
  • 4 stacks Frostweave Cloth @ 7g per stack = 28g
  • 9 green gear items, which DE’d into 34 Infinite Dust = 68g
  • 2 Runic Healing Potion @ 4g each = 8g
  • 2 Runic Mana Potion @ 4g each = 8g

My total after 30 minutes of grinding & selling vendor trash: 11308g 64s 33c
The above total is without selling my Frostweave Cloth, potions, and DE’d Infinite Dusts

The total for selling everything I looted adds up to: 56g + 35g + 28g + 68g + 8g + 8g = 203g

That is 203g in 30 minutes. Multiply x2 to get a full hour, and you have a whopping 406g per hour!


  1. Argal says:

    is those mobs the cult alchemist cuz i was looking for this spot

  2. Khor says:

    Yes, those are the cultists, but you want to make sure to hit the west platform, as that is where the most are, in addition to an insanely high respawn rate.

  3. incrusiable says:

    this is all cool bnut how are you getting so much infinite dust lol the most i get off that many is like 15

  4. Khor says:

    I remember when I made that guide I was pulling 4-5 Infinite dust per DE since the level of green items was 77-80. Now, since Blizz changed the DE to result in even more dust, that number should be pretty easy.

    I think I am averaging 6 Infinite Dust per DE now.

  5. incrusiable says:

    yah i did this for 15 minuets while waiting for a toc 25 raid to fill and i got 8 greens and 20g in just looting they drop like 30silver a drop as a low most of the time more this place is amazing but i only got 18 infinite dust when my friend de’ed :/ but i got 3 of the greater essence so it was cool im going to farm there every dsay for aobut 30 min while i wait for a group for chillmaw to start 8D

  6. Thunorian says:

    Great tip, did this myself for half an hour or so yesterday. apart from a Huntard doing the same thing and thus slowing things down a bit, was reasonably profitable. Had I not been competing with a ranged DPS that was clearly not happy about me being there as they started intentionally sniping mobs as i approached them, It would have been very good. Certainly a good way of farming greens to DE. Faster then dungeon grinding most definately, even solo-ing the low end NR dungeons there is no guarantee you will get any random greens drop, so this is far more worthwhile.

  7. Thunorian says:

    another nifty tip for us Pallies is converted heroes. They mostly come in Groups of 7, are reasonably easy to handle even at low gear score, and respawn fairly quickly. I tend to stay clear of the northern most part of the spawn area, to avoid getting too much in the way of people doing dailies, however to the western most part of the area, apart from people flying around looking for titanium nodes, you can go for a long time without seeing anybody else. Be careful you don’t go too far south of course, or you start running into the elites, which manageable or not, slow down your grinding considerably.

  8. Vanthem says:

    This really does work.

    I never tried it myself because when you look at the numbers, you just go, “Ehhh, not worth it.”

    But to my finding the fellow Pally that is beating me in DPS showed me this very thing, but its on the Heroes instead. Works like a charm if you go in there with empty bags. I have all Frostweave bags, which help me a bunch.

    Great thing to do for us Pallys.

    My gold has skyrocketed.

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