Making Gold – Jewelcrafting

I know lots of Paladins that have taken jewelcrafting as their profession, as the gem bonuses offer a nice little DPS boost. I, as a blacksmith and miner, am not privileged to these nice little perks, but my mage is. I took up JC with her to be able to cut my own gems, and to make a little gold on the side. Only I didn’t make a little gold, I made ALOT of gold. Over the past week, I had gone from around 24k gold to 34k gold. This is a combo of all my AH toons and incomes (including dailies), but a good chunk of it has come from JC.

I buy anywhere from 10 to 40 stacks of Saronite Ore at less than or equal to 17g/stack. I then prospect each and everyone of them, with intention to sell the rare gems and make necks or rings to DE and sell the mats…here is what I do (values are approximate):

  • Sell Scarlet Ruby (70g), Twilight Opal (10g), Forest Emerald (7g), Autumn’s Glow (15g), Monarch Topaz (12g), and Sky Sapphire (5g).
  • Make the following jewelry: Bloodstone Band, Crystal Chalcedony Amulet, Crystal Citrine Necklace, Sun Rock Ring. (Each requires 2x Crystallized Earth in adition to the one gem)
  • DE the jewelery and sell Infinite Dust (4g/each), Greater Cosmic Essence (10g/each), and Small Dream Shard (6g/per).
  • Store the Dark Jade and Shadow Crystal for future use as they currently do not make me much money. If I get a large amount, I may just sell the stack(s) for the vendor 5g/stack.

Here is my last recount:

  • Buy 27 stacks Saronite Ore(15g x 10 stacks, 17g x 17 stacks = 439g)
  • Buy 14 Eternal Earth (6g x 14 = 84g) (Broken down to 10x Crystallized Earth each)
  • Total spent = 523g

Here is what I got from the prospecting:

  • 5x Scarlet Ruby
  • 6x Monarch Topaz
  • 5x Sky Sapphire
  • 7x Forest Emerald
  • 5x Autmun’s Glow
  • 5x Twilight Opal
  • 22x Chalcedony
  • 21x Huge Citrine
  • 19x Bloodstone
  • 17x Sun Crystal

Jewelry disenchanted into:

  • 84x Infinite Dust
  • 9x Greater Cosmic Essence
  • 1x Small Dream Shard

After making the jewelry and disenchanting, here is what I sold (and it all sold by the 48 hour mark):

  • Scarlet Ruby (65g) x5 = 325g
  • Monarch Topaz (12g) x 6 = 72g
  • Sky Sapphire (4.5g) x 5 = 22.5g
  • Forest Emerald (5.5g) x 7 = 38.5g
  • Autumn’s Glow (15g) x5 = 75g
  • Twilight Opal (11g) x 5 = 55g
  • Infinite Dust (4g) x 84 = 336g
  • Greater Cosmic Essence (9.5g) x 9 = 85.5g

All this for a grand total of 1009.5g. That’s a profit of 486.5g for about 20 minutes of work! I have done this each night for the past 8 days. My totals of profit were as follows:

  • Monday – 20 stacks of ore, 343.5g profit
  • Tuesday – 35 stacks of ore, 732g profit (lots of Scarlet Rubies this batch)
  • Wednesday – 18 stacks of ore, 194g profit
  • Thursday – 50 stacks of ore, 1186g profit
  • Friday – 40 stacks of ore, 910.5g profit
  • Saturday – 35 stacks of ore, 695g profit
  • Sunday – 22 stacks of ore, 407g profit
  • Monday – 27 stacks of ore, 486.5g profit

Grand total over 8 days: 4954.5g! Let’s just round that off and say 5000g! Not too shabby. Alot of this depends on luck, mainly getting Scarlet Rubies and Infinite Dust/Lesser Cosmic Essence x2 procs…but there is money to be made!

I know I could probably cut the gems and sell them for more, but I have found that selling the raw gem by itself has a much higher turnover rate (people buying to cut themselves because it’s cheaper, people leveling JC, and people buying raw gems to cut and sell for profit).

I know there are other facets to making gold with jewelcrafting, but this is my way, and so far, with the WoW economy prices as they are, it’s working!



  1. Blackmessiah says:

    Can this method be profitable if enchanting is not available to me? If not, are there other ways to profit from JC? My current professions are minin/JC, was wondering also if there were other options then mithril/thorium farming…

  2. Khor says:

    JC can be profitable, and unfortunately, this is a smidge outdated. Dust sells for less, while essences sell for more now. It balances out, but just in a different way.

    The way to make money with JC now is cutting epic gems. I am currently working on the final details for this method of gold making. Hope to have it up soon!

  3. Blackmessiah says:

    Oh okay, thanks for the information, I await the release of future gold making guides 😀

  4. incrusiable says:

    alot easier way os doing this would be to go in off hours to sholazar basin and farm ore for an hour i did it and got a whole 22 sloter of saronite ore at least a stack of all the uncommon gems and like 5 of each of the blue gems then about 3-4 stacks of titanium as well doinbg this your not gonna spend any money which back when this was posted probably would have made you 10k instead of 5k but now with everything being so cheep youll probably make 2k tops

  5. Khor says:

    Yeah, the farther we get into an expansion, the less gold there is to be made. Sholazar is great for mining, for sure, but it is heavily farmed on my server. Since I am central time and my server is pacific, I am two hours ahead, so I really have to be on very late or very early to hit those peak off hours 🙂

  6. incrusiable says:

    yah im central (san antonio texas) and my server isone hour ahead of me so im a lil bit lucky when i say 1 am its 2 for the server so i guess it would be harder for you

  7. Jonathan says:

    I prospected over 200 stacks of saronite ore and ended up with a guild tab of infinite dust and 20 stacks of Greater Cosmic Essence. I sold the red scarlet rubies and made 50g profit, but I still have ALOT of mats to sell. When I’ve more money I would like to try prospect Titanium ore aswell.

  8. Doug McDonald says:

    I’m aware this guide was posted a while back but it’s still a very valid method and just wanted to say thanks. I came here just to read up a little on Retri as a spec, but also needed to recoup some of the gold I dumped in BOE/crafteds to get me started.

    There were approx 40-60 stacks of Saronite Ore on my server < 13g which I snapped up.

    My rare gems procs were quite nice, but apart from scarlet ruby's the uncuts only sell for 3-10g. However, if I cut them into various popular, or underproduced gems they sell for 25-35g easily. Solid Sky Sapphires always seem quite high for cheapskates!

    So instead of selling the rares, see if you can craft them up into things to sell for 25g a pop and watch the monies role in! :p

    Also, it's worth checking the essense prices before selling, for some reason greaters were at approx 10g on my server, whereas lessers were about 4g….i've listed my essences as lessers to see if they sell!

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