Ret Paladin Buffing 5-Mans

Here’s a quick guide on buffing 5-man dungeons as a Retribution Paladin.  Most of you more established Ret Paladins may shrug at this as common knowledge, but some newer Paladins may still be learning the ropes.

In Cataclysm, we now only have two buffs:

Both blessings last for 1 hour, and do not require a reagent to cast.

As opposed to raiding, where multiple Paladins can hand out all the useful Blessing buffs, 5-mans will usually only have one Paladin to hand out one buff per class. So what class gets what buff? What roles desire wisdom?  Do Warrior DPSers want Kings or Might?

Here is the general list for buffing 5-mans:

Blessing of Might

  • Melee or physical damage-heavy groups

Blessing of Kings

  • Caster-heavy groups

With all that said, sometimes, a class will ask for a different buff than normal.  Because 5-mans are so easy to tackle these days, the general buffs may not apply to greater geared players.

Finally, if a player requests a certain buff outside what is considered normal for their role and class, go ahead and oblige, even if you disagree.  It’s not worth the discussion before the party even starts.

Once you are buffed, you are ready to go!  Just make sure to re-buff players who die mid-run with the appropriate bessing!


  1. Jeremiah says:

    I buff based on assuming people want things to die as fast as possible. All tanks get Might unless/until they say they want Kings. Everyone else gets Kings unless they say otherwise. I will have the occasional tank ask for Kings instead, but I have never had a caster/healer ask for Wisdom. The returns are better for having more INT for those folks than any possible benefit to mana regen (which shouldn’t be an issue). You have occasional outliers like kitty druids.

  2. Ronark says:

    Don’t forget that Druids and Priests get pure regen from Kings from Spirit (until 4.0), and that Paladin and Shaman healers stack Int normally (Making Kings also better).

  3. Khor says:

    Exactly. Kings is my choice by default, and it is what I prefer to hand out. I’d say a good half of my PUG healers never have any mana issues, and don’t ever have to stop for a drink. The other half are the ones that blow through mana, and are always asking for wisdom. You do PUGs long enough, and you can spot these players early on before the run even starts. Will help you determine buffs without anyone asking for ’em.

  4. Rose says:


    Again you give us something wonderfully useful. Thanks for always adding in the things that we “not so established” players can use, and I know for me, your style of writing always is encouraging and positive – never “you really should know this but let me bestow it on you”.

    Thanks and I will certainly keep passing your site along.


  5. Anonymous says:

    My main was a hunter before I started playing a paladin. Kings is a better buff for a hunter than might IMO. It scales better with your stats as a hunter as opposed to might. Hunter pets still need might though. And of course everyone has their own preference.

  6. Khor says:

    Some hunters do ask for Kings, though it is very few from my experience. My bottom line rule is give each player what they ask for 🙂 Can’t really argue with Kings for any class. By far the most useful buff we have overall!

  7. Khor says:

    Thanks Rose! Hopefulyl I can continue to crank out helpful info to keep people as informed as possible!

  8. Junthar says:

    in my experience as a hunter it’s spec specific what buff we want as a surv hunter in wotlk I prefer kings becouse i get ap buffs from int. sta and agi. which is far more than I get from might.. though in cata that will all change 🙁

  9. cw says:

    My usual will to ask right at the beginning what they prefer, makes it simple and quik and i won’t waste a regent if i get it wrong. fantastic site, i have used your guide since day 1, now lvl 73, and almost everything has been a breeze.

  10. beowoulf says:

    As a person that been playing wow for about 3 years ( I had a 70 warrior pre wotlk and now have an 80 lock. Now working an a ret pally at about 34 right now. I have found this sight very useful and want to say thanks and keep up the good work. Beowoulf-exodar-us

  11. Brian says:

    I usually buff rogues, hunters, and hunter pets with Might, and then buff everyone else with Kings. I have yet to run with a player that asks for Wisdom. Tanks also get Kings unless they ask for something else (something else that’s never happened).

  12. Ric says:

    It really depends who your puging with, i only use Kings on everyone even dps because it scales better, and if im correct i think if you use wisdom on healers when there’s a shaman around that uses mana spring totem and you by chance happen to be around it you lose the buff.

  13. Steggles says:

    Neat site, only found it about 3hours ago and referenced back to it half a dozen times already, wish I had this site while I was lelel’ing my pally. Just wanted to say, if you have a warrior dps in your group they will generally use there battle shout (exact name unknown) which usually wont co-exist with my bom as it also grants a high amount of attack power. There shout also effects party members within a radial vicinity of them as well, meaning your usually ok to buff your warrior dps and rogues etc with bok. Do take note however that if your warrior is the tank his battle shout won’t be for attack power.
    I have also found it helpful to the group to keep an eye out for those casters that oom a little quicker (did someone say mages) and just buff them with bow for long fights (such as the escort quest in Halls of Stone.)
    Key message I’m stating is dont feel obliged to use the same buff for a player all the way through the dungeon/raid.

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