Celestial Steed Mount Free Giveaway!

RetributionPaladins.com recently hit one million pageviews!  Thanks so much to everyone out there who has visited my site, and thanks to all of you out there who continue to come back!  I posted a short while back that I would be sponsoring a free giveaway, and now the time has come!

As a small token of my appreciation, I will be giving away 1x Celestial Steed Mount, which can be gifted through the Blizzard Store.  The winner will be emailed the code via Blizzard Store for the in-game mount!



1.  Enter a comment below with your name (WoW name of course!), server and valid email address (don’t worry, I don’t do anything with emails entered on this site, it’s private!).

2.  In the comment, please leave a suggestion for a topic you would like to see here at RetributionPaladins.com.  If you cannot think of any, just list something here that has helped you, that you feel could help others as well!

3.  The contest begins on July 20, 2010 at 12:01 am CST and ends July 27, 2010 at 12:01 am CST!

4.  Only one entry per person please.  I will be checking emails and IP addresses to check for multiple  entries.

5.  Winner will be chosen by a random dice roll in-game with one of my guildies as a witness.  Roll will be (1-X) where X is the total number of comments.  The comment number selected is the winner!  I will notify the winner with an announcement on the site, and I will also send an email to the address listed.

6.  Sadly, this can be for North American Account holders only, since I have to pay in US $$$.

Thank you, again, everyone!  I hope to continue to build upon this site ,and keep it a helpful resource for all Ret Paladins seeking guidance!



  1. Sultara says:

    Name: Sultara

    Server: Dalaran

    I can here first looking for information on my new ret pally a while back. Since then I’ve been coming back again and again for advice and changes to the ret pally world! I especially like your cataclysm information, it was hard to find a place where all the ret pally info was on one site. Thank you so much!

  2. Korthal says:

    Name: Gôtenks

    Server: Barthilas

    This is a great collection of specific ways on which to improve your Retribution Paladin. Previously I had used only Elitist Jerks, and whilst that was great it wasn’t all condensed and as easy to navigate as this site is.

    What I personally like, is what Ret Pallies should be Gemming/Chanting and the reasons as to why. It’s easy to say “Hey, just stack +20 Str gems” but the reasons as to why, and also why it IS actually more prudent to match socket bonus (depending). Ditto with Enchants, why one particular enchant may be better than another. I wouldn’t mind seeing this emphasized a little as I have seen many Retnubs who could improve by alot if they gemmed/chanted a little better.

    Other than that, great site I know i’ll continuously come back for updates.


  3. sicario says:

    Name: Sicario

    Server: Shandris

    It would be awesome to have a level by level optimal gear guide

  4. vergelten says:

    Name: Vergelten

    Server: Lightninghoof

  5. Capcom says:

    Name: Capcom
    Server: The Forgotten Coast

    I would like to see more cataclysm info, like if you can get your hands on some info about tauren paladins and such. Thanks.

  6. Alyaina says:

    Server: Saurfang (Oceanic- but U.S. player/account)

    I’m just now beginning to really focus on gear. The topic I suggest is this: To gear up now or wait til Cataclysm is out? It takes quite a bit of gold and effort to gear up and I’m wondering if it is worth the time, gold and energy to do it now, when Cataclysm will change everything.

    Thanks for the cool site!

  7. Mirandir says:

    Name: Mirandir
    Server : Emerald Dream

    I would like to see some more info about which types of gear to target while you are leveling. Obviously it’s best to focus most of your energy to this after reaching 80 but some info as to what weapons/enchants and armor sets to look for at various target levels would be really cool.

    Thanks for the great site.

  8. Spankmastrgn says:

    Name: Spankmastrgn

    Server: Kul Tiras

    I would be interested in guidance for a Retribution Pally soloing lower level instances.

  9. Volios says:

    Name: Volios

    Server: Nagrand-US

    I stumbled upon this site about half a year ago and have been faithfully checking it every week since. Everything from the leveling tips to BiS gear has been helpful. Love the Cataclysm previews!

    Keep it up!

  10. Cattiebrie (Lothar) says:

    I would like to see a regularly updated (by patch release) rotation guide.

  11. Asteroi says:

    Server: Bladefist
    Name: Asteroi

  12. Agonus says:

    Character name: Agonus
    Realm: Muradin

    Khor, you have an excellent site. I would like to see some more information on PvP content, but other than that, I don’t have any suggestions. This site is my first reference for finding ways to improve my DPS.

  13. Quortalen says:

    Realm: Ragnaros

    Catalysm is bringing in some big changes and I would like to hear if there is something that paladins should do to prepare themselves correctly.

  14. Kal says:

    Character: Kalindrakar
    Realm: Area 52

    I love love love love you topics on how to make gold. They have helped me so much. I can’t wait for more!

  15. Platao says:

    name: Platao
    server: Gurubashi

    There’s so many useful things here that suggesting something new is hard. As mentioned above, maybe a better look at our off specs and pvp guidance would be cool. Also, some lore about us would be pretty nice too. A topic with the most important pallys in the warcraft lore would be awesome too!

  16. Dan says:

    Name: Cloudstar
    server: scilla

    I would love to see a guide for emergency tanking or healing while in ret spec. Too many times a healer or tank has wiped, and someone else has taken over without fully knowing what to do.

  17. Tallice says:

    Name: Tallice

    Realm: Galakrond

    First off, let me thank you for such an amazing site, which has been made even better with the addition of a forum. A well run site and, for that I commend you.

    In terms of an addition to content on the website, I will agree with the mass majority of the comments and request a more in-depth PvP section.

    Also, maybe, just an explanation as to how agility pieces help you in upping your dps when you are always stating to enchant and gem for attack power and strength respectively. It’s a little bit confusing how agility is more acceptable in certain cases than strength.

    Thank you again for an informative site.

  18. Scoradin says:

    Name: Scoradin

    Realm: Aggramar

    Thanks for the great site. I like that the information is easily to get to. It also combines most of the information from other sites I used to use.

    Suggestion would be much like everyone else has said about potentially expanding to prot/holy off spec information.

    Thanks again.

  19. Alledar says:

    Name: Alledar
    Server: Bladefist

    Khor I must say that I love this site! You’ve helped me figure out what gear to get next as well as what gems I should be putting in it. I love the sections on what we can solo as ret paladins and those guides can and will be helping me fill my downtime on non raid nights. I love the depth of information you put into this site whether it be about gear and stats to being one of the places I got first to find the newest info on the Cataclysm Beta! Keep up the amazing work!

  20. Zhoe says:

    Name: Zhoe

    Realm: Icecrown

    I love the website! I would love to see a detailed BiS list of gear for PvE, which would also include combination of gear (e.g., if you are using Trinket X, the BiS compliment to that would be Trinket Y, followed by Trinket Z).

    Thanks, and keep up the great work.

  21. Handan says:

    Name: Handan

    Realm: Echo Isles

    Really enjoy the website. I visit this site for guidance on leveling and equiping my pally. Thanks for your time and effort.

    Sorry for double post but all info wasn’t on the above comment.

  22. Khavar says:


    Tonnes of great information. I love it.

    I’d love to see video content added to the site. Solo mount runs, group tactics for dungeons. The possibilities are endless.

    Keep up the good work!!

  23. Thaelon says:

    Character Name: Thaelon

    Server: Stormreaver

    I think it would be really helpful to see some information on how the changes in Cataclysm are going to affect Retribution Pallys and also Holy and Protection Pallys as well. Sorry for the double post, messed up on the first one.

    PS: This site has been my life-saver, so keep up the amazing work!

  24. Evilish says:

    Name : Evilish
    Server : Terokkar us

    Suggestion : Like probably some of us ;P ) I would like to see a topic on tips and tricks on how to get more time to play ! Like easy ways to please the wife/girlfriend so she doesn’t complain to much when i’m on my pc lol

    Thanks again for having such a great site !