Cataclysm Cinematic Trailer

The Cataclysm Cinematic Trailer is out!  Not going to lie, I’ve already watched it about 10 times.  I was really pulling for Gnomes in this cinematic, but again a no-go!  Man, I really wish we could have seen more of Stormwind.  Enjoy if you haven’t seen it already!


  1. DEMONJEANK says:

    My God….

  2. Triggap says:



  3. DEMONJEANK says:

    Wait was that Stormwind right at the end ?

    Poor Alliance , lol

    FTH !!!!!

  4. Robster says:

    One thing, if Stormwind is that small compared to deathwing, Then he is HUGE! Hope blizzard don`t fail on ther raid content, because to me that dragon semms verry not downable 😉 Good cinematic blizz!

  5. Thaldai says:

    EPIC! Just EPIC!

  6. lordmogg says:


    Slightly confused as to why a bunch of Dwarves would be hammering stuff into him. Looks like a saddle. or perhaps they are trying to control him in some way.

  7. Donmy says:

    As a response to Lordmogg 🙂
    In terms of lore, Deathwing’s massive unruly power and hatred is so great, it’s burning up his insides and trying to break out through his skin. Much like what happened to Sargaeras. The metal plates that Goblins (as it was said in the War of the Ancients Trilogy) put in place for him are to hold the big fissures in place and stop his internal fiery wrath from ripping his body to shreds.

    More information can be found at his WoWWiki page, if you’re interested 🙂

  8. Xavsas says:

    Now we have a problem, if Deathwing mess with Stormwind he is going down… I really like Stormwind and how imposing the city is and now Deathwing destroying some of that greatness is unacceptable like bombing Vatican or something like that.

  9. kirma says:

    haha Stormwind got pwned, go go Deathwing

  10. lordmogg says:

    Thanks Donmy, i will 😉

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