Make 10,000g in One Week – Wednesday

Retribution Paladins – World of Warcraft 10,000g in 7 days – Wednesday Work kept me from being on for the better part of the day, but I still kept up my pace.  If everything goes as the last 3 days have gone, I will easily reach my 10,000g in seven days goal. Started with 49,444g […]

Make 10,000g in One Week – Tuesday

Ret Paladin – World of Warcraft 10,000g in 7 Days – Tuesday Ugh, I am so tired.  It’s 1209am and I’m beat.  Most of today I spent mining.  I did manage to get my daily quests done early, but weekly maintenance took a chunk out of my time.  I thought I might be able to […]

Make 10,000g in One Week – Monday

Ret Paladin – World of Warcraft 10,000g in 7 Days – Monday Today has just been nuts.  I have made much more gold than I anticipated, and I still have a bunch of stuff sitting in the AH.  As a refresher, it is Monday, Day 1 of my 10,000g in one week experiment.  So far, […]

Can I Make 10,000g in One Week?

Ret Paladin – World of Warcraft 10,000g in One Week Alright, time for a very lofty goal for myself.  This week, I will be 100% focusing on making 10,000g in 7 days.  I will start on Monday, and will end next Sunday at 12 midnight.  Is this possible?  Sure.  Given the appropriate amount of time.  […]

Boss Pages Updated

Updated the boss page with info, strats, and loot links on each of the first 3 main raid areas. This will improve over time, but it’s a start and a quick, easy search for anyone on this site. • Naxxramas • Ulduar • Trial of the Crusader Icecrown I will put up once we see […]

Seal of Command – Ret Pally

Seal of Command – Ret Pally After much seal swapping from patch to patch, it’s hard to know which seal is the best to use. Seal of Command never has quite functioned like we Ret Paladins would like it to, but I am a fan of the new form. A recent comment on this blog […]

Ret Pally Solo Bloodlord – Raptor Mount!

Ret Pally Solo Bloodlord Mandokir ZG – Raptor Mount! Finally, I did it!  After countless ZG runs, I finally got my Swift Razzashi Raptor! One ZG mount down, one to go… I have already written how to solo Bloodlord Mandokir as a Ret Pally, so check out the post if you have time. Here is […]

World of Warcraft Pet Store

Buy In-Game World of Warcraft Pets for Real Money Yep, you heard me right.  Blizzard is offering non-combat pets for $10 each.  Here are the related posts from the WoW forums: Introducing the Pet Store [Source] Today we’re pleased to introduce the Pet Store for World of Warcraft, a new way for players to obtain […]

Shadowsong Games Week 5

Alright, week 5 for my Games and Quests for the US Shadowsong server. Remember, anyone can play. Horde and Alliance both. If you are not on Shadowsong, but would like to be, or would like to participate, you will have to have a toon on the server. If you’re looking to get a fresh start […]

Curse Client v4 Beta Download Available

Curse Client v4 Beta The new version of Curse Client is available for open beta testing. Curse Client v4 is a new model that the Curse crew has been working on from the ground up.  In addition to brand new features designed for a more convenient, and easier user interaction, it also has enhanced security […]