Ret Pally Solo Bloodlord – Raptor Mount!

Ret Pally Solo Bloodlord Mandokir ZG – Raptor Mount!


Finally, I did it!  After countless ZG runs, I finally got my Swift Razzashi Raptor! One ZG mount down, one to go…

I have already written how to solo Bloodlord Mandokir as a Ret Pally, so check out the post if you have time.

Here is a recap of how to do this fight as a Retribution Paladin, and how I did it to get my Raptor mount.

Bloodlord Fight Sequence

  • No need to kill any mobs around Bloodlord.
  • Kill servant at base of stairs.
  • Engage Bloodlord and his Raptor.
  • Kill Raptor first.
  • Bloodlord will enrage for around 2 minutes.
  • After enrage is over, nuke and kill.

How I solo Bloodlord as a Ret Pally

  • Buff up with Devotion Aura, Blessing of Kings, Seal of Light, and Dragonfin Filet.
  • Run up the Bloodlord’s ramp and fight him at the top of the tower.
  • Hit Sacred Shield and keep it up at all times during the fight.  Not essential, but is a significant help.
  • Pop Avenging Wrath and nuke down the Raptor asap.
  • FCFS Rotation as follows during enrage:  Crusader Strike > Judgement > Divine Storm
  • FCFS Rotation after enrage:  Crusader Strike > Judgement > Divine Storm > Concecration > Exorcism (when instant cast)
  • Flash of Lights needed often during enrage, and I usually have to pop either Lay on Hands or Divine Shield…sometimes both.
  • I DO NOT cast Divine Plea, as that lower my healing, and I need my healing at full capacity.
  • After the enrage it is an easy DPS burn until he is dead.


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