Curse Client v4 Beta Download Available

Curse Client v4 Beta


The new version of Curse Client is available for open beta testing. Curse Client v4 is a new model that the Curse crew has been working on from the ground up.  In addition to brand new features designed for a more convenient, and easier user interaction, it also has enhanced security features designed to prevent malicious attacks (keyloggers, anyone?)

The open beta of Curse Client v4 can be downloaded here: Curse Client v4 Beta


  • Addon Sync – Allows you to upload Curse Client on one of your PCs and set up a sync group to update all PCs at once.
  • Find New Addons – Faster Addon searching, with the ability to sort by popularity and date updated.  Find addons instantly by name, category, author, and user rating.
  • Addons Settings Backup – Curse Client v4 adds fully automated, serverside addon settings backups and integrated recovery.
  • Enhanced Security – Curse Client v4 is designed with built-in technology that protects you against malicious software and security threats.  Curse Client v4 application updates are now digitally signed by VeriSign with a Microsoft Authenticode certificate.  All communication between Curse Client v4 and Curse servers is signed and protected using industry standard 256-bit encryption.  When you use Curse Client v4, you can be confident that your addons are secure.


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