Make 10,000g in One Week – Wednesday

Retribution Paladins – World of Warcraft

10,000g in 7 days – Wednesday

Work kept me from being on for the better part of the day, but I still kept up my pace.  If everything goes as the last 3 days have gone, I will easily reach my 10,000g in seven days goal.

  • Started with 49,444g from yesterday
  • Now at 51,012g for a gain of 1,658g
  • 3-day total is now at 5,936g


I have a feeling that seven of the same post may get a bit boring, especially when I am doing the same thing over and over.

I worked from 7am to 7pm today, and played from about 845pm to 1130pm.  I ran ZG for a tiger mount attempt, which was unsuccessful.  However, I did manage to knock out 4 bosses pretty quick for around 100g, in addition to 26 bijous and over 40 coins.

The bijous are selling for about 10g each, and the coins for 1-2g each.  Add Runecloth, Thorium Ore, greenDE’d items, and I had a nice, quick little ZG run.  No Razzashi Hatchling this time, either.

After ZG, I booked it on over to Icecrown to do all my dialies, and knocked them out, and simply mined the rest of the time.  I was really lucky, hitting 6 Titanium Veins in less than an hour.  A total of 19 Titanium Ore to stick in the AH for around 250g.

The best part about today, though, was coming home after work and having almost 1000g worth of AH mail from yesterday and the day before.  Almost all my stuff had sold.  THorium Ore had gone for 80g a stack.  Mithril Ore was 35g to 40gper stack, and Truesilver was reaching 60g per stack.  Infinite Dust and Cosmic Essences also helped me jump up into the 1,000g mark.


  1. incrusiable says:

    hey i was reading this and i too am a miner and i was wondering if u have a certain route through icecrown or what cause the best i cna ussually find is in 3 hours of farming is getting 256 stacks of saronite and maybe a stack of titanium wich i would probably just prospect anyway

  2. Khor says:

    I’m going to do a separate post on Icecrown mining because my routes really vary based on who else (if anyone) is mining the zone.

    One clarification though, you said 256 STACKS of Saronite? Or 256 Ore? 256 stacks would make you just about the best famrer ever in 3 hours time 😉

  3. incrusiable says:

    haha no i meant 25 stacks lawl

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