Can I Make 10,000g in One Week?

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10,000g in One Week

Mining Titanium

Alright, time for a very lofty goal for myself.  This week, I will be 100% focusing on making 10,000g in 7 days.  I will start on Monday, and will end next Sunday at 12 midnight.  Is this possible?  Sure.  Given the appropriate amount of time.  But I have work and a baby girl at home, too.

My WoW time is usually a couple hours each day because I focus on this blog as well, and a couple other websites I run.  This week, however, all computer time will be devoted to this project.  When my daughter naps, I will be on WoW trying to hit this goal.  At night…the same.  Non-stop questing, grinding, and farming.

So how do I plan on doing this?  Yes, I need a plan…that’s for sure.  Let’s see how much gold per day I need to earn to hit 10,000g in a week.

  • 10,000g/7 days = 1428g 58s per day

Now, if I plan on doing 15 daily quests each day, that is going to give me:

  • 13.23g x 15 = 198.45g
  • 198.45g + 40g (from Argent Tournament daily loot) = 238.45g

That leaves me needing to earn:

  • 1428.58g – 238.45g = 1190.13g per day

Now, if I spend an hour doing the daily quests, then I have to determine how much gold I need per hour to get the rest of the 1190.13g per day I need to reach my 10,000g goal.

  • 1191g / 2 hours per day = 595.5g/hour
  • 1191g / 3 hours per day = 397g/hour
  • 1191g / 4 hours per day = 297.75g/hour

So based on how fast I know I can make gold, it looks like a nice goal for me will be 4 hours a day, with one hour to do dailies, and 3 hours to grind.  That’s theoretically do-able.

Now that I have my numbers in line, I need to determine how I will go about making this gold.  First, the toons I will be using:

  1. Khor – Ret Paladin – Mining / Blacksmithing
  2. Brittany – Ret Paladin – Herbalism / Enchanting

Just going to use my two Paladins, as that is all I will based on my top gold making methods.  The trick is to decide which methods I will be using, and that will depend on the time of day and server population.

Since 5pm to 10pm is lag fest in Dalaran and Icecrown, I will do my dailies early in the morning when server traffic is at its lowest point.  Any grinding I need to do in Northrend will be done in the morning, afternoon, and late night, while the Old World content will be at the peak hours.

Time to decide on what gold making methods I will use.  I have decided on 6 to rotate around, based on giving me more options if  certain areas are already being farmed.

All of these options can make me around 400g per hour, with the exception of ZG, which I would be doing try for the Tiger mount, but also for farming the Razzashi Raptors for the Razzashi Hatchling pet to sell.  Bijous, Coins, green items, and Runecloth also will sell well from this brief grinding.

Also, I will be doing the following methods in addition to my farming and grinding:

  • Playing the Auction House
  • Blacksmithing for profit

With Blacksmithing, I will be checking material prices on Epic BS plans I can make to see if I can turn a profit.  I have several Ulduar recipes that coul prove profitable if I find Runed Orbs and Titansteel Bars at the right price.

How to Prepare for this Project

To prepare for making 10,000g in one week, I will need to follow a few personal grinding guidelines.

  • Clear bags of everything, including holy gear and additional flasks/potions.  Need as much bag space as possible.
  • Mine as I farm.
  • When mining, rotate from Icecrown to Sholazaar Basin every other trip.
  • When herbing, one rotation then switch to other Ret Pally.  Only herb when I know I am going to find alot of herbs…which is easy to tell if you farm a zone enough.
  • Vendor trash everything, and AH all cloth.
  • DE every green item and sell mats.
  • Sell everything on my designated AH toon.
  • Sell all potions dropped as loot.


Bagnon is an add-on I use to combine all my bags into one.  It also diplays my total gold across all toons.  This is how I will be keeping track of my gold count.  I will post up a gold count at the end of each day I play.


Ready!  Set!  Go!

Okay, that’s about it!  I don’t normally condone spedning 4 hours a day on WoW, but for this project, let’s see how much time I need to do this.  If I come up short, oh well!  But if I do it, it’ll be a nice little achievement for me to hang my hat on!

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