Make 10,000g in One Week – Friday

Make 10,000g in 7 Days

I really thought I was going to be able to top 10,000g tonight, but it wasn’t to be. Went out to dinner with my wife and daughter, then we watched some TV, and before you know it, it was 11pm. Only 450g shy! Still have stuff in the AH, so I could break it by the time I wake up tomorrow morning.

Regardless, it looks like I will soar past the 10,000g mark and make even more by the time the seven days are up!

Today I did my normal Icecrown dailies and Icecrown mining, but I did alter up my routine a little bit, and farmed Shadow Labs a couple times. Yep, you heard me…Shadow Labs.

Blew through the zone, spewing Seal of Command damage and cutting through the bosses with Seal of Vengeance. From coinage alone on mob drops I netted around 50-60g. Then add on vendor trash and blue BoP items sold, I had around 75-100g before any of my items even hit the AH. Items that made it to the AH included:

  • Fel Armament
  • Mark of Sargeras
  • Netherweave Bag (made by my Tailor Mage from Netherweave Cloth drops)
  • Imbued Netherweave Bag (ditto above, with DE mats from greens)
  • Several greens DEd into mats, some used to make bags
  • Adamantite Ore
  • Eternium Ore

I’ll be honest and tellyou guys that all this farming really has sucked all my free time up on WoW.  I wouldn’t advise this because it’s actually throwing my sleep off.  But I wanted to prove that with a little determination, 10,000g isn’t out of reach.

I am probably averaging 4-5 hours a day online to get these numbers, which is about twice my normal online time.

Playing the AH is something I know how to do, and I can do it well.  But every bit of gold made depends on the ever-fluctuating WoW economy, so with this, I am trying to show a somewhat more stable, dependable method of making gold.

Working tomorrow and Sunday, so you probably won’t see any huge numbers from me, but I will hit my 10,000g mark tomorrow.

Here’s the screenshot from today:


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