WoW Alt Tabbing to Windows

Is WoW alt tabbing to Windows on its own, without you pressing any keys?  Has WoW alt tabbed to Windows in the middle of a raid?  Happened to me.  Many, many times. This isn’t new news, but it is something that people may want a heads up on.  If you are noticing that WoW is […]

Sha’tari Skyguard – Exalted in 7 Hours

Sha’tari Skyguard – Honored to Exalted in 7 Hours Every now and then, I like to kick back and do old World of Warcraft content.  After my 10,000g week, I decided to take a break from my normal routine, and knock out some older reputations I hadn’t done yet. Since I made my Ret Paladin […]

Thanksgiving Week Games – 1000g Prize!

Thanksgiving Week Games!  Alright, I have several tasks for anyone willing to participate.  This starts immediately and will end at 1201 am on 11/27/09. First Prize: 1000g Second Prize: Orb of Deception For all that participate: 50g The task at hand will be for US Shadowsong, both factions.  My guild, Redridge County College, has been […]

The Turkinator Achievement – Pilgrim’s Bounty

I had no difficulty with any of the other achievement’s for Pilgrim’s Bounty, but the Turkinator achievement in Elwynn Forest really had me face rolling my keyboard.  I tried at around 11pm, and was still facing too much competition.  Here were my streaks of turkey kills before I ran out of time on the buff: […]

Bad AH Tactics, What I Hate

When I put my daughter down for her morning nap, I come to my computer, grab my breakfast, jump on World of Warcraft, and log on to my Auction House toon. I spend 10 to 15 minutes each morning setting up my AH sales, and finding items to re-sell. This morning however, I just snapped. […]

Oh Where Art Thou, Khor?

I’ve been hiding out! Hah, not really. After being on every bit of time last week for the 10,000g in one week project, I laid off the posts here as a small little break. I am looking ahead to 3.3 and will be having to update many of the pages on this site to keep […]

10,000g in 7 Days – Sunday

Retribution Paladins Well, I made it.  Honestly, I didn’t do much of anything today.  Too worn out from work.  I logged on and mined a little bit before heading upstairs to go to sleep.  Made about 400g last night from the AH, so that’s the gain you see today. Gold Earned by Day: Day 1 […]

10,000g in 6 Days!

10,000g in Seven Days Hit my mark!  10, 000g in under 7 days!  Current total is 10,478g with one day left to go.  Yep, I’m still going to keep counting until I finish tomorrow.  This began as a seven day project, and it will end that way, even though I have already reached my goal. […]

Make 10,000g in One Week – Friday

Make 10,000g in 7 Days I really thought I was going to be able to top 10,000g tonight, but it wasn’t to be. Went out to dinner with my wife and daughter, then we watched some TV, and before you know it, it was 11pm. Only 450g shy! Still have stuff in the AH, so […]

Make 10,000g in One Week – Thursday

I am beat…no sleep…going to bed right now.  Just giving my normal screenshot of my total gold at the end of the day here.  Eyes are heavy…drifting…drifting…face-plant on the keyboard…