No News is Good News?

So far, we have escaped the preliminary rounds of Patch 4.1 relatively unscathed. No major changes, nothing groundbreaking in terms of DPS and damage. Is this a good or bad thing? I’m not really sure, but it seems Blizz may be reasonably content with the changes they gave us in Patch 4.0.6.

I realize Patch 4.1 is more about content, such the the ZG and ZA dungeons, but I was honestly expecting a little more in the Retribution department. Maybe no news is good news. I’m definitely happier with my DPS after 4.0.6, but I also know that we haven’t quite reached our full DPS potential.

I’m keeping a sharp eye out for any changes, and I’ll be sure to let you guys know as soon as information gets out. You can keep track of the 4.1 Retribution Paladin changes here: Retribution Paladins Patch 4.1.


  1. HolyShoteR-Warsong says:

    “but I also know that we haven’t quite reached our full DPS potential.”
    i feel the same way khor , sometimes due to the Random procs my dps go to the top and some times i just thiink that i havent reached the full dps . something is still missing on ret pallies the problem is that i don’t know what is it !

  2. MackPally says:

    I think another HP generator would help and make things a little smoother.

  3. Faril says:

    Can i ask what our full DPS potential is in numbers?

    If u are heroic geared what is good average dps?
    Sure each instance is different but still.

    My dps ratings at the moment make me wanna switch classes.

  4. HolyShoteR-Warsong says:

    hey Faril ,

    Im raiding normal raids with my guild i usually am the 1~3 top dps , depending on the fight i get about 12k to 22k dps depending on procs and crits.

  5. Banished says:


    With a 359 mainhand and the rep/craftable gear you should be somewhere around 19k average on raid bosses. Assuming you are hit and exp capped.

  6. Faril says:

    Thanks HolyShoteR,

    this really made my day.
    It’s so annoying to get low dps in 5 mans hc.

    It’s still a gear issue, but its good to hear there is light at the end of the retri tunnel !

  7. Spencer says:


    So far in full visious tier 2, with hit and expertise cap, (for pvp) im pulling about 19k dps, and like 2x that in burst when blowing wings guardian and str trink, plus str trink proc.

    Although i still belive there could be way more dps potential in ret pallies.

  8. Spencer says:

    @holy shooter,

    I have the same issue xD, you KNOW something is missing, but just cant seem to grab ahold of what is, But something is missing :), things i would like to see happen is divine favor proc just a LITTLE less, i have mine procing like every other hit 🙁 i know its good, but at times it has really messed up DPS when zealotry is poped

  9. HolyShoteR-Warsong says:

    @ Spencer

    i know the feeling , u just activated zeal and divine procs like crazy
    then u think : ” this is good but also it’s wasting my zealtory time ”

    i’ve been thinking , what we need to improve it’s more solid damage with a good holy power generation
    then i found the judgement i think that judge should do more damage to make it worth using again ( not just pop the haste buff and mana ) judgement should do more consistant damage and generate holy power as crusader strike , i think that only crusader strike it’s not enough ( not the fact that we need to get closer to hit , and not everytime we can actually be close to a target) judgement would fit perfectly , it’s just a thought but i think it could actually work.

  10. Spencer says:


    Yes! thats exactly it! EVERYTIME i pop zealtory my Divine procs for a good 10 seconds waisting the4 zealtory time, Now i do like that my divine procs, but it just never procs when its actually needed lol.

    And the judge could do more dmg, and i can see it being a viable holy power generator, Because its a 7 sec CD so that would make it a litte more important in the dps rot, Because atm i use it for the Speed boost and mana regen, plus haste buff, other then that i think its only ever like a 5k – 9k crit as far as i know from looking at combat log every so often,

    I would also like to see CDS put on spellsteal, or dispell or purge, its very annoying when you pop your cds and there all dispelled with 2-3 purges 🙁 lol


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