WoW Alt Tabbing to Windows

Is WoW alt tabbing to Windows on its own, without you pressing any keys?  Has WoW alt tabbed to Windows in the middle of a raid?  Happened to me.  Many, many times.

This isn’t new news, but it is something that people may want a heads up on.  If you are noticing that WoW is alt tabbing to Windows without any prompt from yourself, the culprit has been identified as AVG antivirus.

If you upgraded from AVG 8.5 to AVG 9, something in that process is causing WoW to alt tab on its own.  It isn’t damaging or hurting systems, but it sure as hell is annoying when you are in the middle of a raid, dungeon, PvP…or any activity, really.

The fix people that WoW players are claiming works is to completely uninstall AVG antivirus and do a fresh, complete install of AVG 9.

Hope this helps, and for any of you experiencing those alt tab woes, here is your remedy!


  1. incrusiable says:

    heh good thing i havent updated it yet of course it dont effect me cause i play in windowed version

  2. Khor says:

    Actually it’s not the windowed version of’s the fullscreen stand alone display that automatically alt tabs to Windows. So frustrating…

  3. Trioxis says:

    It’s not only WoW which alt-tabs back to windows, it happens with other games too. I was wondering what caused it to happen so I’m glad I read this.

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