Thanksgiving Week Games – 1000g Prize!

Thanksgiving Week Games!  Alright, I have several tasks for anyone willing to participate.  This starts immediately and will end at 1201 am on 11/27/09.

First Prize: 1000g

Second Prize: Orb of Deception

For all that participate: 50g

The task at hand will be for US Shadowsong, both factions.  My guild, Redridge County College, has been together for almost 5 years now.  Our guildmaster is called ‘the Dean’, and our officers are ‘Professors’.  Active raiders and full guild members are ‘Students’, and all the rest are ‘Housekeeping’.

The Dean, aka Stevens, is elusive these days, locked away in his office doing who knows what.  Your mission is to get a screenshot of him in-game.  Doesn’t matter where or how, just get a screenshot and link the image in the comments below.  First person to do this wins 1000g.  If a second person does this, they will win an Orb of Deception.  If there is only one winner, then that person will win 1000g AND the Orb of Deception.  Sorry RCC’ers, out of guild contest only 🙁

Now, I will also pay 50g to any person linking a screenshot of any RCC member in-game in the comments below.  100g if that member is me (Khor).  I will also be giving 50g to the RCC member the screenshot is of.

That’s it.  Remember, if you are Horde, to get the gold you will have to place an item in the neutral AH that I can purchase.

Everyone have a great holiday, and for everyone traveling, be extra safe!  Happy Thanksgiving!

UPDATE: Sadly, no winners!  Will have another game next week!


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