Oh Where Art Thou, Khor?

I’ve been hiding out! Hah, not really. After being on every bit of time last week for the 10,000g in one week project, I laid off the posts here as a small little break.

I am looking ahead to 3.3 and will be having to update many of the pages on this site to keep data current, so I’m gearing up for that massive undertaking. I’m also trying to make the information on talents, gems, enchants, etc. a little more eye appealing.

As far as this week, I have finally raided two straight weeks in a row since my guild pushed back raid times. Previously, since we have a bunch of East Coasters, raid start times were too early for me to make since I have to feed my daugher dinner and get her to bed. Now, the start times are for after her bedtime, which is great. It’s awesome to be raiding again.

Brand new shoulders and a weapon already! Fordragon Blades and Shoulderplates of Trembling Rage.

This is good for me, as I need to start catching up on gear.

I also sidetracked a little bit and leveled my reputation to Exalted with the Kurenai and Sha’tari Skyguard.  I plan to write quick guides on both of these, as I leveled Kurenai rep from 0/21000 Revered  to 1000/1000 exalted in about 6 hours.  Sha’tari Skyguard took me another 6 hours to go from 8000/12000 Honored to 1000/1000 Exalted.  Since I made my Paladin about 4 months after WotLK release, I have several reputations to catch up on!

Anyways, starting next week, you guys should see some more active posting from me.  I’ll have a Shadowsong Games post up as well for Thanksgiving, with a task to win 1000g from me, an Orb of Deception, or possibly both!

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