Cataclysm Digital Pre-Sale FAQ

The digital pre-sale for World of Warcraft Cataclysm is on sale now at  This will allow you to start downloading Cataclysm content when it becomes available via the background downloader while playing World of Warcraft, or while you have the WoW Launcher window open. Here is the link to purchase Cataclysm via US […]

Ret Paladins – Cata Beta Build 13221

Cataclysm Beta build 13221 is live on servers, and has brought about some more changes for our beloved Retribution Paladins.  At first, looking at the notes, I was about to /facepalm, thinking Blizz was backtracking on our recent buffs.  The more I looked at it however, the more I realized they are just doing some […]

Retribution Leveling Pre-Cataclysm

Have you decided to level a Ret Paladin before Cataclysm launches?  I did.  I figured making another Retribution Paladin would get me used to the 4.0.1 changes before Cataclysm went live.  I am not regretting it one bit. This time around I opted for a Dwarf Paladin, with Herbalism and Inscription as my professions.  If […]

Blizzcon Retribution Specific

Holy Spells Only? Q: Other classes have multiple types of schools, Paladins holy only. And there’s nothing to allow you to resist it. Why is that? It makes them feel like a steamroller. A: That’s why we’ve changed it over time for Ret to have more physical abilities than holy. We can’t really give them […]

Tougher Ret FAQ 4.0.1

I have been really vigilant in getting information out as soon as I can, and am trying to keep all the Patch 4.0.1 mechanics up to date.  However, there are still a few questions that linger, and I will try to address them here.  First, I will cover understanding Haste and why less Haste is […]

Cataclysm Cinematic Trailer

The Cataclysm Cinematic Trailer is out!  Not going to lie, I’ve already watched it about 10 times.  I was really pulling for Gnomes in this cinematic, but again a no-go!  Man, I really wish we could have seen more of Stormwind.  Enjoy if you haven’t seen it already!

Retribution Paladins Patch 4.0.1

Patch 4.0 is finally here!  The version we are getting is Patch 4.0.1, and Retribution Paladins got their world flipped upside down.  Gone is the ease of face rolling DPS, and in comes the era of Holy Power, with it’s cohort of reliant abilities.  I am stoked, are you? This site is going to require […]

Patch Tomorrow? Extended Maintenance Says YES

Blizzard posted that there will be extended maintenance tomorrow.  Looks like we will be playing 4.0 tomorrow night!  Don’t forget to study up on our new Talents and Glyphs, both of which will change with the coming Patch 4.0. If you love the way your Ret Paladin functions now, kiss it goodbye.  It’s a brand […]

Paladin Glyphs for Patch 4.0

Everyone ready for Patch 4.0?  Paladin Glyphs will be highly sought after when Patch 4.0 goes live, so I am giving you a list of the glyphs we will need to complete our “sets”.  Remember, with the new patch comes a new category of glyphs in addition to Major Glyphs and Minor Glyphs.  Prime Glyphs […]

JCers and Alchy: Time to Unload

In the Patch 4.0.1 PTR, the cooldown on epic gem transmutes has been removed.  That means we will see a significant influx of epic gems when this patch goes live, as people desperately try to cash in epic gem sales.  There will be a fallout, and then the prices will stabilize, slightly drifting upwards and […]