Cataclysm Preparations

It is time to prepare your World of Warcraft character for Cataclysm.  As a Retribution Paladin, what you carry in your bags may differ from other classes, and I am going to tell you what I will be taking with me on my journey to level 85.  This is a longer post guys, you are […]

Patch 4.0.3a – What’s In, What’s Not

There is an excellent post on the WoW fourms from Sammew about what is and what is not in Patch 4.0.3a. In case you live under a rock, Patch 4.0.3a is when Deathwing will wreak havoc on Azeroth, changing the landscape forever! You can view the original post on the official WoW Forums [Source]. 4.0.3a […]

Your Highness Trailer

Your Highness is a movie I had not heard about until I saw the movie trailer on IGN. Why in the world this entertains me is beyond belief, but I know I’ll be seeing this as soon as it comes out. The Star Wars nerd in me is absolutely thrilled Natalie Portman is in this […]

Justice Points Transfer to Cataclysm

This isn’t breaking news or anything, but for those that do not know, honor points and justice points WILL transfer over to Cataclysm, so start saving those points now!  When we reach level 85, we will be able to use the points we saved from WotLK. The cap for Honor and Justice points is 4000, […]

Elemental Boss Loot List

The final phase of the elemental envasion has begun, and with it comes four very familiar bosses!   The bosses for the elemental invasion can be attempted after the elementals in the main cities have been defeated. Only a few may be attempted at a time, and they will not be around permanently, so make sure […]

Retribution Paladin FAQ 2.0

Retribution Paladin news has reached a momentary lull, and that could be a good thing, signaling we may be closer to what we can expect to see when Cataclysm goes live.  Still, there are lingering questions from Patch 4.0.1 and Cataclysm Beta that I continue to see in comments and email. I will try to […]

Ret Soloing Magister’s Terrace 4.0.1

I have had a few comments wanting an update on soloing Burning Crusade dungeons.  Magister’s Terrace is by far the most popular for all the extra goodies hidden inside, and that’s where I started.  I already have a page dedicated to soloing Magister’s Terrace, for both normal and Heroic versions. Harder or Easier? Easier, by […]


Big, big /sigh.  And maybe a WTF or two as well!  Web host crashed last night and servers went kablooey, apparently.  Lost all my content from November, and I’m working to see if I can get it recovered.  The crappy part about this is that it’s not just this site, but all the websites I […]

Divine Storm Change Incoming?

A bit of optimism is here for Divine Storm enthusiasts (which I think most of us are…at least pre Patch 4.0.1).  Divine Storm currently uses Holy power instead of mana, and can really only be used at 3 Holy Power in order to be effective.  In AoE situations, Divine Storm cannot be used nearly as […]

Ret Paladins BiS List 4.0.1?

I have had countless messages, emails, and comments regarding best in slot (BiS) lists for Patch 4.0 and Patch 4.0.1.  I would absolutely love to get something to you guys, but the programs and spreadsheets we are so dependent on now are being groomed and polished for level 85 content. Rawr in particular has stated […]