Cataclysm Release November 2?

Will Cataclysm be released the week of November 2nd?  Boubouille at MMO Champion seems to think so.  Before anyone goes crazy or spouts this off as fact, remember Blizzard has announced NOTHING in regards to Cataclysm release.  They may have been aiming for a November 2nd release date, but there’s always the chance it could be pushed back for more polish.  I had Cataclysm coming out mid-December, and it wouldn’t surprise me if it still hit this mark, too.

Patient we must be, I am sure we will hear something more concrete within the next couple of weeks.


  1. Uniwolf04 says:

    Just so I’m clear on this….. when Cataclysm is released I will HAVE to update my talents and basically change my game mechanics (FCFS) regardless of whether I purchase the actual expansion or not.

    Wow! So I should try getting through ToC and all of ICC before then so I still know what I’m doing with my rotations. Too bad I can’t just lock myself away for a couple of weeks.

  2. Cloudruler says:

    Uniwolf……. the rotation in the PTR is VERY different. It will be like playing a new class for a bit. So if you haven’t mastered FCFS priority’s yet don’t worry too much as thats out the window come 4.0. Just play your game till then and focus on saving gold in my opinion.

  3. Tehforce says:

    I think we will possibly see patch 4.0 early November. But it won’t be cataclysm content. Just the new talents and stuff. Cataclysm release will probably follow a month or so after that.

  4. Taddeous says:

    Ok….really? I honestly thought Diablo 3 would come out before Catalysm. I am very surprised. Hmmm I guess we will wait and see what happens. Hopefully we will find out at Blizzcon this year 😀

  5. Badpaladin says:

    I really, really hope it’s not released yet. I’m ignoring numbers here:

    Retribution is pretty much useless in PvP right now. And by useless, I’m not exaggerating. I mean every self buff we have is dispelled, and easily due to the removal of “trash buffs”, and we can only really…run at people while eating 1/2 our health at 85 in beta. That on top of long ramp up isn’t good, by any means.

  6. Jambien Silkerkin says:

    Yeah lots of people say pallies are OP (even blizzard). PvP is quite difficult with a pally. well for me

  7. Nytengale says:

    yeah it will be very different but.. they are no finished tweaking the pally yet. Since PTR came out they have made several changes. They will still keep changing it. It is interesting to see the changes every week. Even when CAT comes out they will still make some changes with patches. Really hard to know what will be what until the release. But it is fun to watch it progress.

  8. Trioxis says:

    The WoW background downloader is already reeling in the 4.0.0 patch for me (EU realms). November 2 sounds like a real possibility to me. I for one wouldn’t mind as I’ve been looking forward to Cataclysm for some time now. Only one tough choice remains, to lvl my main to 85 right away or to start leveling a worgen or goblin alt first and then get all my chars to 85.

  9. noob says:

    lvl ur alts right away cuz it will be much more fun to go through all the cataclysm content and if you lvl your 80 right away it wont be as fun to go through it again.

  10. Joe says:

    Level your main to 85 first then level alts then do a worgen/goblin for free time and extra gold tahst how i would do it

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