Patch Tomorrow? Extended Maintenance Says YES

Blizzard posted that there will be extended maintenance tomorrow.  Looks like we will be playing 4.0 tomorrow night!  Don’t forget to study up on our new Talents and Glyphs, both of which will change with the coming Patch 4.0.

If you love the way your Ret Paladin functions now, kiss it goodbye.  It’s a brand new game starting tomorrow.  I for one cannot wait to get into some raids with my guildies and see how bad/good I can do.  Just keep in mind that everything is set up to be balanced at level 85, so level 80 will see some classes majorly outperforming others.  If that Warlock and Mage blows you out of the water in damage, this is why.

Here is the Blizzard post [Source]:

We will be performing extended maintenance on Tuesday, October 12th. Maintenance will begin at 12:00 AM PDT and conclude at approximately 12:00 PM PDT. During this time, all realms and many web services will be unavailable.

Thank you for your patience.

See you guys on the flip side. Going to be lots of content to update form here on out!

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