One Thing About Rets and Rawr

Rawr is a great program for Ret Paladins to use to try and figure out their optimal gear set-up, which can lead to maximum DPS output.  For my own purposes, I use it to try out different gear combinations, to see how gear combos work out when I try to swap pieces to keep my expertise and hit caps in place.  It’s not always an easy task.

Lately, I have gotten several PMs about Rawr and Ret Paladins not reaching the DPS Rawr says they should have.  For players new to Rawr, there are a few things you must know.  Rawr is a great program, but it cannot duplicate human responses and reaction time.  For this reason alone, Ret Paladins will 99% of the time not reach the DPS Rawr spits out for them.

Also, Rawr cannot accurately account for your own personal latency, or lag you catch mid-raid.  This can also lower your DPS, in addition to your own personal reaction time. 

Rawr is precise, and can be adjusted to account for delays, but it still won’t perectly predict the player’s situation.

In addition to the above, it is occasionally known to have some bugs, and information may not be reliable at times.  This shouldn’t have any drastic impact on DPS, but it’s a good idea to check the the known issues on Rawr’s website.

All that said, it still is a very good tool to measure our maximum DPS output.  Generally, the optimal DPS set-up Rawr gives you will generate the most DPS in-game as well, just don’t expect to see your numbers reach the potential it generates.


  1. pallynagy says:

    hello there…….
    Great post…but i rly wanna /silly about something here
    (i mean say a joke about it…not say its silly)

    Rawr is a great program, but it cannot duplicate (human ) responses and reaction time. For this reason alone, Ret Paladins will 99% of the time not reach the DPS Rawr spits out for them.

    Can it duplicate with Blood Elf ,Draenei ,Dwarf Or Tauren responses? 😛

  2. Khor says:


  3. Pimpmybubble says:

    i noticed it says about 11-13% extra dps so u can practically calculate ur average dps

  4. Sparklefairy says:

    I feel that this guide was lacking quite a bit. You can use RAWR to model rotations, optimize your current gear witht the optimization tool, see stat weights so you can focus on what to gear for, see highest obtainable upgrades based on bosses you have killed, etc etc etc. My point is, it does a lot more than just project DPS.

    Another thing is you do have to make some configuration in the buffs gained by adding either imp. windfury or icy talons, the ICC buff, potions of speed, etc…you need to adjust the rotation to the one you use, and you need to set “wait” and “delay” to “.2” for the most accurate simulations.

  5. Khor says:

    @ Sparkle – This wasn’t a guide at all. A guide would consist of detailed instructions on how to tailor Rawr to meet a Ret Paladin’s needs when calculating gear, such as the items you mentioned.

    This was to simlpy point out that some people see Rawr numbers and expect that to be their DPS, or something close to it, which most times is not the case. I simply pointed out the factors that contributed to the inaccuracies.

    But now that you mention it, a Ret Rawr guide is not a bad idea…

  6. Handera says:

    When it came time for me to buy a frost cape, I chose the ocean serpent because I needed the expertise. However when I checked with Rawr, it said the agility cape would give me better dps. I’m aware of the agility vs strength debates, but could that really override your need for expertise? Is exp just not that big a deal?

  7. Khor says:

    Expertise capis important, btu the exp/armor pen combo really pushes it down in DPS numbers when compared other cloaks, especially its agility emblem countetpart. Because only half of our damage is physical damage (we do alot of spell dmg for the other half), armor pen isn’t as viable a stat as str/crit/haste. When everything adds up, Might of the Ocean Serpent drops down pretty low 🙁

  8. Xav says:

    A couple of things for Rarw to not give an accurate number is the latency you have (300 ms can cut 1k DPS) and the fact that it does simulate the fight against one “boss” and not multiple mobs or a whole dungeon. In my experience it should be used as a guide for gear and not like a benchmark.

    Also check the active buffs and remove the ones that you don’t ussually have.

  9. Handera says:

    Just thought I’d mention that I ran Rawr again, but this time with the CORRECT fcfs parameters. I didn’t realize it was out of whack. When checking the capes again, it had both the dps frost capes at almost exactly the same number. So I’ll keep the ocean serpent anyway because of the expertise.

    So yeah, I learned that its important you have the correct fcfs priorities punched in. Makes a difference.

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