Retribution Hybrid Healing Nerfs?

From the question and answer session regarding PvP, a question came up about hybrids losing some of their healing efficiency, while pure DPS classes (Rogues/Warlocks) still had strong self-heals. Here was the quote: [Source] Q: The healing abilities of hybrid classes are being severely limited (eg. Retribution Paladin, Shadow Priest). Compared to this why do […]

Retribution Paladin PvP Guides 4.0.6

Everyone has been asking me for a long, long time to get a PvP section up.  To be honest with you, I have a saved draft on my website for Retribution Paladin PvP that has been sitting idly for a month now, waiting to be finished.  A new patch changed some of that information, and […]

Baradin’s Wardens and Hellscream’s Reach Reputations

Blade of the Fearless.  The number one reason to raise your Baradin’s Wardens and Heallscream’s Reach reputation as a Retribution Paladin.  This weapon is probably the easiest to get of the top 5 weapons for Retribution Paladins in the early phases of Cataclysm, and I will lay out the path to get there as quickly […]

Justice Points Transfer to Cataclysm

This isn’t breaking news or anything, but for those that do not know, honor points and justice points WILL transfer over to Cataclysm, so start saving those points now!  When we reach level 85, we will be able to use the points we saved from WotLK. The cap for Honor and Justice points is 4000, […]

Ret PvP with Holyway

More Ret PvP info from one of your fellow Ret Paladin PvPers! Holyway posted this on my Ret Forum a little while back, and I was a bad Admin and forgot the post was there! Sorry Holyway! To redeem myself, I am posting this information from the forums in regards to some additional Ret Paladin PvP strats.  […]

Ret PvP with Tazak and Schei

A little over a week ago, I posted up to see if we had any Rets out there who would be willing to answer some Retribution PvP questions. Tazak and Schei stepped up to the plate, and I now give you their take on Ret PvP. Every player has a different approach, and it’s good […]

WoW PvP Battleground Hacks

What the hell is up with the PvP battleground hacks in WoW? At first, when I would hear people complaining about hacks, I would dismiss them, thinking that they were just those types of people that will give any excuse for a rotten PvP performance. Lately though, especially over the last couple weeks, I’ve really […]

Retribution Paladin PvP Glyphs

Sadly, glyphs for Retribution Paladins aren’t overwhelmingly powerful in PvP, but there are some that are must-haves.  The key to Ret PvP is upfront, burst DPS, and keeping healers off their toes long enough to destroy the other DPS.  Or, if the healers are particularly weak, burning them down before their DPS takes you out.  […]

Retribution Paladin PvP Enchants

Enchants for Retribution Paladins in PvP will not be much different than that of PvE.  The idea is to focus on attack power and crit, possibly hit if necessary. The only exceptions are on the helm and shoulders, where resilience can be used.  I emphasize can, because it is a topic of discussion whether or […]

Need Your Ret PvP Advice!

Hey everyone!  In my continuing journey on the PvP path, I am finding that coming across concrete Ret PvP information is few and far between.  Much of our gear and builds are dependant on preferrential play style, BG and arena situations, as well as teammates and their spec/builds. I am going to put together an […]