Retribution Paladin PvP Glyphs

Sadly, glyphs for Retribution Paladins aren’t overwhelmingly powerful in PvP, but there are some that are must-haves.  The key to Ret PvP is upfront, burst DPS, and keeping healers off their toes long enough to destroy the other DPS.  Or, if the healers are particularly weak, burning them down before their DPS takes you out.  You know what?  There are a crap ton of Ret PvP strats, but they all are consistent with one thing…high burst DPS.

Two of the four Ret PvP major glyphs are identical to Ret PvE.  The minor glyphs focus more on buffs.

Retribution Paladin PvP Glyhps

Major Glyphs

  1. [Glyph of Seal of Righteousness]
  2. [Glyph of  Judgement]
  3. [Glyph of Salvation]
  4. [Glyph of Exorcism]

Glyph of SoR and Glyph of Judgement are necessary, because, well, there aren’t really any more options.  Since your seal of choice should be Righteousness, the harder hitting respective judgement should be of significant help.  You’ll want to take Glyph of Salvation as your third glyph, only using Glyph of Exorcism in situational matches.

Minor Glyphs

  1. [Glyph of Blessing of Might]
  2. [Glyph of Blessing of Kings]
  3. [Glyph of Seal of Wisdom]

Self-explanatory glyphs here, just helps with the buffing!


  1. Nagasaky says:

    I would put Glypg of Lay on Hands for battlegrounds, glyph of blessing of kings is not really as useful as the LoH one.

  2. Xav says:

    I cannot believe there are not good minor glyphs…

  3. James says:

    I understand that Glyph of Seal of Command is also (situationally) very good, since it can restore mana even if your judgement is absorbed.

  4. Tazak says:

    I’ve noticed that in many of the arenas I’ve done, a lot has had either a warlock or DK. Glyph of Fear Undead works wonders in arenas but that is very situational and of course won’t always benefit you.

  5. Khor says:

    In regards to the LoH glyph, I’d totally understand using it, except I find myself using LoH once a BG (if that) because it clashes with my shield cooldowns. In BGs, I use BoK a ton more, hence the glyph choice. For arenas, the 5 min cooldown probably will do nothing for you 🙁

    The SoC glyph is interesting, but I rarely have SoC up. It’s SoR pretty much all the time, and I think most PvP Rets run with SOR up as well. It is extremely situational, but if you find yourself using SoC often, then it wouldn’t be a bad glyph to pick up.

  6. James says:

    I think SoC and the glyph is used in cleave teams in arena, but yeah probably not anywhere else.

  7. The U. says:

    I personally use Major Glyph of: Judg, Exorc & HoJ
    Judg is self-explanatory. From my pov Exor should also be, 20% to a nice nuke. Now, why glyph of HoJ? When it was +1 sec to HoJ it was mandatory, and many would think now is crap. I’d say not. We lack a gap closer, and I think this really helps. It’s not rare to use HoJ to catch up a runner, and those extra 5yd really help. Also while chaining cc’s the extra range allows to stun without getting that far from your objective, even more if you’re cc’ing the healer to kill a dps in arenas. I dunno you, but I find that the HoJ Glyph is quite useful.
    oh, and sense undead as a minor. 1% faster dk pet killing rofl!!

  8. Spongebob says:

    Nice post,

    but I was wondering why u would use Glyph Of Salvation? Maybe cus I am fairly new to WoW but isn’t threat meant for PvE? I use Glyph of Divine storm instead.

    Also I am a little confused about the seal, it seems that everywhere I go another one is considered normal. I’ve seen SoC, SoV and SoR. I use SoV myself because it would give me the most holy dmg when its stacked 5 times.

    For the small glyphs I use the one for BoK, the one for LoH and as a 3rd I chose Sense Undead, since it does an extra 1% dmg vs undead.

    Love to hear what u guys think.



  9. hymner says:

    glyph of seal of wisdom as minor makes me wonder if u were drunk when u wrote this 😉 …

  10. Gus says:

    this is a reply to hymner…..ofc man u use glyph of seal of wisdom as minor cause many times u wont have any mana even to fart…..(priest,mage)u cant do any damage….so with these glyph at least u can change seal and get some mana s u can do some damage….it helped me many times…


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