Retribution Paladin Patch 4.2 Experience From Omebagger!

Hello, My personal view is that Ret Paladin in patch 4.2 has around 75% stable rotation output, with the last 25% to be dependent on RnG: – Absolute random (and to be honest sucking) procrate on Divine Purpose, I have personally experienced this to proc a LOT in row sometimes and then just remain dead […]

How Much DPS for Ret Paladins in 5-Mans?

How much DPS should I be putting out in 5-man heroics?  I can’t tell you how many times I see this questions asked.  The easy answer is to just lay out some numbers.  The harder, and more accurate numbers are going to come from measurement of gear and skill.  By the way, how’s that new […]

Why Haste is our Worst Stat

For Retribution Paladins in Patch 4.0.6, Haste is now our lowest ranked stat.  This is a tricky and complicated topic to cover, so I will try to simplify it as much as possible, because it’s not easy to see past the apparent benefit of haste to get to the truth of why Mastery and Critical […]

Patch 4.0.6 Review

Patch 4.0.6 has launched and for Retribution Paladins, we are seeing some much bigger DPS numbers!  I think we can all agree this is an improvement over our former DPS state.  The Mastery change has given us a much needed boost to our damage totals. For a quick review, you can view my previous Patch […]

World of Warcraft Patch 4.0.6 Notes

Yes, Patch 4.0.6 is being deployed on live servers today!  As always, I include the official notes on my site here, just in case those of you browsing from work are unable to visit the official wow forums or MMO Champion. For my own site, you can view changes specific to Retribution Paladins by following […]

Retribution is Weak, not Broken

When I create posts here on Retribution Paladins, I pay very close attention to the comments players leave.  I also spend a good deal of time reading threads on the WoW forums, and just as much time sorting through Elitist Jerks.  While the general concensus is that Retribution DPS is too low, there are a […]

Top 5 Reasons Your DPS is Low

From reading comments on this site, in addition to PMs and emails I get from players, it seems many Retribution Paladins are not quite reaching the DPS numbers they believe they should be obtaining.  I am leaning towards agreeing that many Rets are underperforming, and I am going to use my own experiences to give […]

New 85 Retribution Paladins

Your Retribution Paladin has reached level 85, congratulations!  You have battled your way through the Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, Outlands, Northrend, and finally the Cataclysm ravaged elite zones of Azeroth.   Now, your real battles begin. You may have tasted dungeons and PvP before this, and you may have sampled what it is like to craft and […]

Why Ret DPS Sucks at Level 80!

Why does Retribution DPS suck after Patch 4.0.3a?  Why does Blizzard hate us?  Once again, Blizz nerfs us into the ground!  When are Rets going to get some love?  Why, when we finally have decent DPS and stability, does Blizz rock the boat, and send us spiralling to the bottom of the DPS charts?  I […]