Best Retribution Paladin Weapons – Pre-Raid

Retribution Paladin Weapons Pre-Raid is current for Patch 4.0.6.  Here are the best Retribution Paladin weapons you can get pre-raid in Cataclysm.  The list is in its infant stages, and I need to do some more testing and research…but mainly, I am following stat priorities.  This order is not set in stone, and it is highly likely I may come back and change it.

Here are the things to remember when choosing a weapon:

  • Slower weapon speed is still better
  • BiS enchant is still being calculated
  • Normal stat priorities apply
  • Polearms are no longer valid options at equal damage levels, since all currently available have Agility
  • Keep an eye on Strength amounts, some actually can differ at level 85

Best Retribution Paladins Weapon List Pre-Raid

  1. [Zin’rohk, Destroyer of Worlds]
  2. [Blade of the Fearless]
  3. [Foe Reaper]
  4. [Sword of the Bottomless Pit]
  5. [Forged Elementium Mindcrusher]
  6. [Arced War Axe]
  7. [Wild Hammer]
  8. [Whitefin Axe]
  9. [Sorrow’s End]
  10. [Oversized Oblique Ogre Obliterator]

Slow Weapon Speed is King

For now, I am holding to this.  Our philosophy has always been to stick with the weapon with the highest top-end damage, and that usually correlates with slower weapon speeds.  Stick to it for now.