5 Ways of Making Cata Gold

There are so many ways to make gold in Cataclysm right now, it’s not even funny.  Pretty much pick something to sell, and you will see big profits.  This won’t last forever, and as Cataclysm trucks along, prices will dwindle.  For now though, enjoy raking in that extra gold! I decided to list my top […]

Archaeology, I Loathe Thee

Khor decided to be smart and level Archaeology almost immediately after turning level 85.  I was still running my heroics and normal 5-mans in hopes of gear, but long queues required me to be doing something in the meantime. I had tons of options: daily quests for reputation, grind and battle for more Obsidium Ore […]

Cataclysm Preparations

It is time to prepare your World of Warcraft character for Cataclysm.  As a Retribution Paladin, what you carry in your bags may differ from other classes, and I am going to tell you what I will be taking with me on my journey to level 85.  This is a longer post guys, you are […]

Herbalism Profits High

If you are an Herbalist right now, it’s the perfect time to farm and get some extra funding for Cataclysm.  With many players refocusing on Inscription after the recent Glyph changes in Patch 4.0.1, herb supplies have fallen short and demand has risen. I spent a couple days farming herbs in Azeroth and Outlands, bringing in […]

JCers and Alchy: Time to Unload

In the Patch 4.0.1 PTR, the cooldown on epic gem transmutes has been removed.  That means we will see a significant influx of epic gems when this patch goes live, as people desperately try to cash in epic gem sales.  There will be a fallout, and then the prices will stabilize, slightly drifting upwards and […]

Profits Inbound for Inscription and Herbalism

That’s right.  If you have Herbalism or Inscription as a profession, the live release of Patch 4.0 is a date to circle on your calendar.  With the patch going live, we will be introduced to the new Glyph System.  The idea is still the same, but there are several changes to take note of. We […]

Thorium Crater

Since when did Un’goro Crater become Thorium City?  I have been going all-out leveling a Hunter, and went through Un’goro en route to level 60.  Because Un’goro Crater has been my oldest gold grinding spot dating back to the early days of vanillla WoW, I know the Rich Thorium and Small Thorium vein spawn points […]

Grinding Gold – Netherstorm and Herbalism

Ready for another herbalism gold guide?  Well, ready or not, I’m bringing you another.  I am rounding out my Outland herbalism farming with Netherstorm, because it is the last zone with a unique, high priced herb.  Nagrand, Zangarmarsh, and Blade’s Edge Mountains simply don’t yield enough gold for the time spent farming there. Netherstorm is […]

Grinding Gold – Shadowmoon Valley and Herbalism

Herbalism and grinding gold yet again.  Looking to farm your way to some easy money?  Look no further than the Outland zones, which are all but abandoned.  Profession levelers still need these mats, and they are hard to come by, as few still venture to pluck these treasures from the ground. After farming herbs in […]

Gold Grinding – Terokkar Forest and Herbalism

After making my way from herbalism gold grinding in Hellfire Peninsula to Terokkar Forest, I decided to give the home of Shattrath a shot at gold making as well.  Back in Burning Crusade, Terokkar was the premiere place for herbalism, as Terocone was the jewel of herbs for that expansion.  It was a huge gold […]