Herbalism Profits High

If you are an Herbalist right now, it’s the perfect time to farm and get some extra funding for Cataclysm.  With many players refocusing on Inscription after the recent Glyph changes in Patch 4.0.1, herb supplies have fallen short and demand has risen.

I spent a couple days farming herbs in Azeroth and Outlands, bringing in some surprisingly high gold per hour totals.  I wasn’t really aware the prices for stacks of herbs were going to be as much as they were, and I really wasn’t aware of how quickly they were going to sell!

I understand every server has a different economy, and every server has different suppy and demand fluctuations, but this is worth looking into if you are an Herbalist.  Here are the herbs I farmed, and the prices per stack I sold them for:

  • Earthroot – 20g
  • Mageroyal – 20-40g
  • Briarthorn – 30-40g
  • Bruiseweed – 20-40g
  • Kingsblood – 30-50g
  • Wild Steelbloom – 30-50g
  • Liferoot – 20-40g
  • Fadeleaf – 40-60g
  • Goldthorn – 50-70g
  • Khadgar’s Whisker – 40-60g
  • Purple Lotus – 50-70g
  • Sungrass – 60-85g
  • Golden Sansam – 70-90g
  • Dreamfoil – 60-85g
  • Mountain Silversage – 70-90g

For those doubters out there, I really wish I could tell you I am exaggerating, but the truth of the matter is that there have been zero to only a few stacks of these herbs on the AH at any given time.  I lucked out with these prices, and raked in about 2k gold over a few days from several hours of herbing.  Hopefully you can experience the same good luck!

The zones I hit heaviest were:

  • Duskwood – Mageroyal, Briarthorn, Bruiseweed, Kingsblood, Wild Steelbloom
  • Arathi Highlands – Goldthorn, Fadeleaf, Kingsblood, Wild Steelbloom, Khadgar’s Whisker
  • Hinterlands – Goldthorn, Sungrass, Purple Lotus, Golden Sansam
  • Helfire Peninsula – Golden Sansam, Dreamfoil, Mountain Silversage, Felweed, Dreaming Glory

As always, if I find more ways to bring in extra chunks of gold, I will be sure to post them for you guys!


  1. Victimize says:

    Good thing i’m an herbalism! Apart from the nice haste-buff we get the profits are indeed good! I’ll look up your info about these prices and decide if it’s worth it to farm em!

    Thanks alot bro! U are an amazing guy!

  2. Incrusiable says:

    hey yah ive noticed this as well i was gathering herbs for a darkmoon card for my new 80 just as a starter trinket then decided to sell instead and made about 300g for like 1 hours work

  3. talki says:

    Don’t craft cards, they are way too cheap on AH or buy the trinket instead. sell your herbs/ink/glyphs yield much more profit – i’m sitting on 500.000gold now selling glyphs everyday since patch 4.0.1 – still making ~15.000g a day on a “mid population” realm.

  4. Victimize says:

    U bluffer.. u can’t even have 500.000 gold..

  5. Khor says:

    The cap was raised to 1,000,000 gold, btu I’m not sure if that is implemented currently, or if it will be in Cata. Regardless, you could split it amongst all toons at around 150,000 each!

    All that said, glyph prices have tumbled. Some of the lesser desired glyphs that were going for 30-40g at patch release can’t even hold above 1g now. I stopped selling glyphs for the time being, and re-focused on herbalism 🙂

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