Best Retribution Paladin Shoulders – Pre-Raid

Retribution Paladin Shoulders Pre-Raid is current for Patch 4.0.6.  I have a list of the best Retribution Paladin shoudlers, or shoulder slot items, available pre-raiding.  The list I have compiled isn’t too long, and is relevant to rare and epic quality gear currently available.

This is a best in slot list (BiS) for shoulder gear for Ret Paladins, and I am fairly confident this will remain unaltered, at least until we see a Mastery change that raises the value of stacking Mastery on gear.

Best Retribution Paladin Shoulders Pre-Raid

  1. [Pauldrons of the High Requiem]
  2. [Raz’s Pauldrons] (H)
  3. [Missing Diplomats Pauldrons] (H)
  4. [Bloodied Pyrium Shoulders]


  1. difens says:

    Redsteel shoulders have been hit with nerfbat. Now they are lousy green with iLvl 300 and reduced stats. I imagine ppl who bought them yesterday on AH are %$%$##ed like hell… Right now it looks like there is no other option but to go for JP shoulders…

  2. lordmogg says:

    im surprised to see the bloodied pyrims on there with its resilience. Is this on there with an idea to reforge that to a better stat?

  3. Boogieknight says:

    @ lordmogg
    You can’t reforge Resilience.

    Shoulders are kinda limited, and the PvP shoulders are blacksmithing skill-up items. I think there’s still a pair in my guild bank from someone skilling up BS. Strength on them is fairly nice and expertise is never bad. If you’re over the expertise capd and/or below the hit cap you can reforge the expertise into hit if you need it.

  4. Biggjr says:


    Great lists, they’ve been really helpful as I started gearing myself out. I realize you’re trying to avoid listing tanking gear in these lists but in the case of shoulders it might be worth mentioning the BOE world drop shoulders “Pauldrons of Edward the odd”. Easy to obtain, albeit maybe expensive, a large amount of strength as well as mastery, reforge off 40% of the parry and you’re left with about 67 parry as wasted stats. I’d say they would probably sit at the top of this list pending hit and exp capping. Any thoughts?


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