Retribution Paladin Patch 4.2 Experience From Omebagger!

Hello, My personal view is that Ret Paladin in patch 4.2 has around 75% stable rotation output, with the last 25% to be dependent on RnG: – Absolute random (and to be honest sucking) procrate on Divine Purpose, I have personally experienced this to proc a LOT in row sometimes and then just remain dead […]

Ret Soloing Magister’s Terrace 4.0.1

I have had a few comments wanting an update on soloing Burning Crusade dungeons.  Magister’s Terrace is by far the most popular for all the extra goodies hidden inside, and that’s where I started.  I already have a page dedicated to soloing Magister’s Terrace, for both normal and Heroic versions. Harder or Easier? Easier, by […]

Solo Anzu – Reins of the Raven Lord

Ret Paladins can now solo Anzu, the boss in Heroic Sethekk Halls that drops Reins of the Raven Lord! Patch 4.0.1 brought about this change, and in the room where Anzu is found, there are no longer any additional NPCs, just the boss. The fight is pretty straight forward for Retribution Paladins. Retribution Paladins Solo […]

Last Chance for ZG Tiger and Raptor Mounts

If Zul’Gurub does indeed disappear with the Cataclysm expansion, then many a solo player, incuding us Rets, lose one of our favorite solo adventure playgrounds.  Not only does it hold a great source of gold farming, but it guards some very lucrative treasures as well.   The question I have is, once Zul’Gurub is gone, will […]

Retribution Paladin – Solo Ossirian AQ20

Solo Ossirian as a Ret Paladin Ossirian, the final boss in AQ20.  My guild never got this guy down in Vanilla WoW.  Only in BC at 70 did we venture back in for a kill.  Sadly, I was not a part of this run.  So, my encounters here with Ossirian were my first. I will tell you […]

Retribution Paladin – Solo Moam (AQ20)

Solo Moam as a Ret Paladin Moam is the third boss in AQ20 that I attempted to solo as a Ret Paladin, and I did so with ridiculously easy success.  Not much strategy here, but I will say that if the Ooze trash mobs on the way to Moam manage to start consuming you, you’re in trouble.  The […]

Retribution Paladin – Solo General Rajaxx (AQ20)

Solo General Rajaxx as a Ret Paladin When I made Khor, my Retribution Paladin, one of the first things I did upon reaching level 80 was attempt to solo Onyxia, ZG, and AQ20.  I was able to solo Onyxia, and ZG wasn’t far behind.  AQ20 was more difficult, and after wiping on Kurinnaxx several times, I decided […]

Retribution Paladin – Solo Kurinnaxx (AQ20)

Solo Kurinnaxx as a Ret Paladin Soloing AQ10 as a Retribution Paladin has long been on my to-do list.  I have tried several times with lesser gear, and come up short.  I also wasn’t really modifying my tactics, and put forth some very weak efforts.  Not this time, though.  Kurinnaxx is first on my solo […]

Ret Paladin – Solo Magister’s Terrace

Retribution Paladins soloing Magister’s Terrace.  Why?  Gold?  You bet!  Gear? Probably not.  Fun items?  Absolutely. Achievements?  Only if you haven’t gotten them yet.  Reputation?  For me, oh yeah.  Magister’s Terrace is one of the harder Burning Crusade dungeons to solo as a Ret Paladin.  Wait, did I say hard…hah! The normal mode is very easy. […]

Solo Deadmines at Level 26 [Paladin]

Deadmines can be soloed at level 26 by a Retribution Paladin.  Last night, server lag was at an all time high.  The original plan was to continue our ICC 10 run, but multiple avenues of lag diverted us from our main goal.  We ended up running the weekly raid quest for our 5 Emblems of […]